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Advice on Phlebotomy Job for Gap Year?



Hi all, I just graduated from undergrad a couple weeks back and am applying to med schools this cycle (so one gap year). For my gap year, I wanted to get some hands on clinical experience, so I got my phlebotomy certification. I was just offered a job at a nonprofit blood center, which would definitely give me the hands on experience I wanted. The main thing that I am unsure about is the fact that this job is not in a hospital/clinic setting and I would mostly be working with blood donors (so not people who are in need of medical care per say). This doesn't really bother me since it's just a gap year job, but I'm not sure how med schools would see this or if they would even care? With the job market being how it is right now, I'm very tempted to accept this job, but I just wanted to see what y'all have to say about this. Thanks in advance!
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Ms Procrastinator

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Nov 28, 2017
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Just curious, why would it not be a clinical experience if phlebotomy is normally considered clinical?

I'm assuming it's because it's a blood bank and not a clinic or hospital and these volunteers aren't necessarily patients. I've never really considered the fact that some schools may not consider all phlebotomy equal in terms of clinical experience.
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