Advice on post bacc programs please

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Aug 3, 2008
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I have one more year left in my undergrad at Holy Cross. I have recently decided on either going the Nurse Practitioner route or Med School route. Ideally, I really do want to go for med school, but am new to figuring out how to fulfill all the requirements before applying. I am looking at some of these post baccs- Tufts, Brandeis, Columbia, Goucher, John's I have a few questions...

Based on my stats (3.75 GPA at Holy Cross, psychology major, lots of extracurriculars--volunteering (although not in a hospital), director of student health and safety position on campus, sports, etc.), what do you think my chances of getting into a post bacc program would be?

I am pulled towards the post bacc's at the presitigious (and more expensive!) schools because of their linkage option, thus avoiding the so called glide year. Also, it seems like these schools assist in getting you into med school much more than an informal post bacc at a local university or extension school would.

But I am wondering if anyone knows how these linkage programs work. It seems like only the top tier of students in the post bacc programs have the option of trying to link right into med school. Is this correct? Does anyone have a rough estimate of how many post bacc students in these programs get into the linkage program?

I have seen the statistics on how successful these programs are at getting you into med school, but I would like to hear from someone who has actually attended one comment on this "success".

I am also terrified of the added debt of attending one of these expensive post-bacc programs. When this is added onto med school debt it's really quite daunting. Any comments on how to handle the debt of a post bacc on top of med school debt?

Thanks for any and all comments.

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Aug 6, 2007
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At 3.75, you should be fine in terms of grades. I would apply widely to post-bacs, including ones like Goucher, Bryn Mawr, Scripps, etc. You may or may not get in, so apply widely to others as well.

Also, doing it informally may not be an idea either. As long as you do well in your post-bac, your GPA won't hold you back. Just pick up some volunteering while taking all the requirements, and you won't have any problems.