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Jan 4, 2021
Was hoping for some advice on what to do regarding scheduling, Im currently scheduled for 1/21
Was aiming for a 512-514 but my AAMC scores (FL1-3) have been pretty low compared to that:
507 (127/125/128/127)
508 (127/127/127/127)
506 (127/125/128/126)
I’m also concerned if I reschedule for march that Ive wasted all the AAMC material, I did all the SBs (70%) between FL 2 and 3 and was hoping to see a jump in my score but ended up doing worse. Feeling extremely discouraged, any advice?
Mar 22, 2020
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If your target score is mid 510s you could consider rescheduling. There is a good likelihood you won’t get that given your target score. Though, you do still have a few weeks to prepare.

you can take the mcat until may (arguably even june) with your application still being as early as possible.

you can 100% increase the three non-cars sections with dedicated prep that consists of Uworld, tbr, khan academy, and ns/ek full party exams if you haven’t already done those.
Pasting link to reddit post I wrote with specific recommendations:
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Apr 25, 2019
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I'd definitely recommend postponing if you're target score is a 512+. While your AAMC content the second time won't be the most representative, it's better than getting a score you don't want and having to retake anyway. You'll still have one FL exam to help you gauge where you're at.

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