Advice re dropping Physics

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Lady Belle

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Nov 21, 2013
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My sGPA is 3.7 and I am currently taking Biochem, Evolution, Physiology, and Physics.
Due to some personal struggles, I have been unable to catch up in my Physics class, which taking account the curve, I will probably get to a B/B- in a best case scenario.

I can drop the course, and deal with financial aid issues of becoming PT instead of FT.
HOWEVER, my two biggest problems are that not only will I not have taken Physics 2 in time of my MCAT (May 16),
I'll have a W on my record, which will join the mountain of W's from when I dropped out of college 10 years ago.

I've been going crazy over this decision, and would love to hear anyones input on this.

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B > W > C
Don't let it join the pile.
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Man, that sounds like a really rough course-load. Physics II isn't really necessary for the MCAT imo (MCAT asks simpler questions that you can self-study). But yeah, if you have a chance of getting a B/B+ in the class, I would just stick with it. Not sure how bad a withdrawal in a major pre-req class looks...