Advice Request: Boards Boot Camp for Level ???

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Feb 23, 2016
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I recently enrolled in the Boards Boot Camp course for Level 1 prep. I am looking for honest reviews from people who found it helpful or where they found it not as helpful. I want to get the course done in 5 weeks so that I can start doing Truelearn/COMBANK questions. Is this a realistic goal? How long does it take to complete?

If anyone has any insights or advice on how to approach the program, I would appreciate that. I am having trouble with how the Pharmacology information is presented.

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I never took it, but I know people that took it after failing their step. They all said really positive things about it. Keep in mind they used it about 5 years ago. From a personal standpoint, I would say save your money if you're a student that hasn't failed anything, but you know yourself better

As for COMBANK, I found COMQUEST to be much better when I used it
BBC is horrible, my school forces some people to take it and it's a miserable experience for them