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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by discocirce, Aug 2, 2000.

  1. discocirce

    discocirce New Member

    Jul 23, 2000
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    I'm at a point right now, where I don't really know who to ask questions to, so I thought I'd see if anyone could provide any light.
    I'm going to be a sophomore at michigan state and am an illinois resident. So far, I have gotten C's in gen chem 1 and 2, and an A in lab. My problem is that I took calculus 1 and 2, calc 2 was very difficult for me, and calc 1 I ended up with a C. Calc 2, I am retaking this semester, because even though it isn't a prereq, I think it would look better to see that I wasn't satisfied with a bad grade. Basically, my science GPA is nothing ot brag about,I still have orgo, and bio to take this year, and physics my junior year. The reason why I just gave basically my grade history is ..I don't know what I should be looking at...if what I think is attainable is just a dream. I mean..should I be telling myself..."hey..your gonna have to go get your master's in biosciences, to get up that science gpa or look into a post-bach program" I don't really know is it to early to be gambling? Nothing against the carribean med schools..but I don't want that to be where I end up. I had a rocky start, but I'm not moron, I know that numbers aren't everything, but they are a big something right? ...I guess I just needed some advice...
    Thank you,
    thank you,
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  3. lucky7377

    lucky7377 Junior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Mar 11, 2000
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    I would look at it this way. [​IMG]
    The interview weighs approximately 50%, MCAT 15%, GPA 15%, and Essay/Rec letters/Activities 30%. So do the math......that one or two C's dont even make up 1% of your GPA. The key to getting accepted is getting interviews. I think its too early for you to be deciding that you should not apply. Good Luck.


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