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    Oct 23, 2000
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    Hello Everyone-

    This is my first posting. I discovered this forum about a month ago and really look forward to reading the postings. They have helped answer alot of questions.

    I am a non-traditional student and not in a formal post-bacc program (just taking 1-2 classes per semester as a non-degree candidate)si I don't have access to a pre-medical advisor. I have an unusual background and could use some personalized advice writing my essay and putting my applications together (i.e. what to emphasize, what weaknessess to address, etc...) Is anyone aware of legitimate advisors who provide counseling services for a fee?

    Another question - should non-basic science courses (applied sciences and clinical science courses) be included in the science GPA for AMCAS? Examples - biomechanics (physics?), pathophysiology (biology?), clinical neuroanatomy (biology?), medical physics (physics?).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Oct 19, 2000
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    I'm pretty sure those course are "science" courses, so they should count. And about the advisors, I know there are some out there that charge fees to help you out in the application process, but don't know where or who. So can't help you much there.
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    First, a little about me: I am also a non-traditional student, I started with a physics class at night while I was working full time as a high school teacher. After two years of "fighting the good fight," I took the MCAT and am starting at my first choice school this August.

    Now, my question for you.

    If you are like me, you don't have wheel barrows o' cash sitting around the house that you are just looking to give away. With so much free information available, why pay someone to tell you in person the very thing that you can read 10 different ways for nothing? If you are interested, I would be happy to share with you the many sources of the information that you seek that are free. If you still feel as though it is insufficient, you can always spend the money at that point. There are gobs of "advisors" available online, I'm sure they'll take a credit card...

    I have had contact with a few "pre-med advisors." In a word, they were impotent. Since I was a non-trad, the little information they could give did not apply to my situation, and some of it was how they thought things should be, but not at all in sync with reality. My lesson? Get the info from the source. Get into contact with the admissions counselors of schools that you would like to go to (at those schools) and ask them the questions. Pick schools who are "non-trad friendly" that strike you as ones you can get into. (for me, that was MSUCHM) EVERYONE is on email, just introduce yourself and ask your questions.

    As for the science courses, you are responsible for catagorizing them on the AMCAS form. It is just a way to separate the science from the non-science for GPA purposes. It is my experience that unless it is a pre-req, it is not scrutinized. Use your judgement.

    I hope that this helps a bit.

    Best wishes on your quest.

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