AEGD/GPR option for an international dentist

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Jan 22, 2024
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Hello everyone,

I will be graduating from DDS program abroad in 4 months. I am also a Canadian Citizen. I am considering the AEGD/GPR residency option as plan B option. I have many questions with regards to this to see if it is a viable option for me:

1) Which State offers dental license after 1 Year of AEGD/GPR?

2) I see some States requiring 2 years of AEGD/GPR but what if the AEGD/GPR is on 12 month period, then how can one bridge this mismatch? Can you extend your residency timeline from 1 year to 2 years at the residency program you match with?

3) Is the board exam INBDE required?

4) What is the cost of the AEGD/GPR program? Is there a monthly income as resident and how much is it?

5) What is life like as resident? types of procedures you mostly do (restorative, endo, crowns/bridges, extraction, examination & Tx planning)?

6) What is the process to apply for AEGD/GPR? What official website is used for the application? Is it the ADEA PASS website: ADEA PASS

Thanks, really appreciate any input.
Dr. AJ

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I searched around SDN and I found the answers to all my questions, so I am all good 👍
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if you could share the answers , all of us would be grateful to you

Hi there,

This is what I know:

State of Minnesota will review your file, doesn't require AGED/GPR but you will have to work under supervising dentist (it's a limited license)
State of Virginia accept 1 year AGED/GPR
8 other states accept 2 year AGED/GPR
You can read this blog, it is all there: How can a foreign trained dentist practice in USA?
Requirements change also, it can get easier or more difficult, it depends on the licensing authorities. You have to check the State licensing requirements regularly if you have a certain one in mind.
If you study 2 years Dentistry at US institution, then you can work in any state and not be limited to one state, but it is more expensive.
The AGED/GPR programs are also one year programs so that is problem because you have to re-apply again if you want a State that requires 2 years.. maybe you can re-apply to the same program if you have good relations with program director.. I'm not sure about this.. but you have to factor in the cost of living (rent etc.) also while attending the AGED/GPR program.
Some AGED/GPR give out a modest salary but some do not, it depends on the program. You apply to them via ADEA PASS website: ADEA PASS. There are so many AGED/GPR programs but I don't know which ones accept foreign trained dentists.. you have to check with each one of them.
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