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"Affirmative Action" for guys applying to OB/GYN?


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Aug 2, 2002
    If you go on APGO's private website which lists each program's average USMLE, it is dismal. Even top programs have a hard time mustering an average above 220, and many have averages below 200. That let me sleep better with my 232, and being male is even better. Yesterday I went and talked with the program director at a large program near me (OBGYN), and by nature I was male, she laid out the red carpet and did everything to try and convince me that her program was where I wanted to go. Male, above average scores, and non-FMG, it is by guess you can write your ticket to any decent program. Now to get into top programs, you may need excellent LOR's and scores like yours. Luckily for me I care none for the top programs because my research shows they still abide by the old Q3-4 call x 4 years, old boy's club mentality. I want a strong night float where I am off by 6PM when not on nights, at least 75% of the time. Who needs a top program anyway.....what the hell, do they have better numbers??? doubtful since any county hospital in America should have great delivery and surgery numbers. Its not like OBGYN had rare disease entities that you need to go to Hopkins or Mayo to see!!
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