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Oct 18, 2016
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THE SHORT STORY: Amanda here. I'm a med student's wife with a near-awkward love for storytelling and editing. I've helped people get into MD, DO, master's, and undergraduate programs because of my personal statement writing and editing. I graduated with a writing degree, have a day job in marketing, and have an unconscious habit of picking out grammar errors in restaurant menus--so I know my way around good writing and what audiences want to read.

WHY YOU NEED ME: not just anyone can give you constructive insight for your personal statements. Anyone can read them, spot a misspelled word, or give generic praise. But not everyone can systematically analyze your work, ensure that both macro and micro elements work together, and pepper it with your unique flavor and style. I'm not here to give you a cookie and an A for effort; I'm here to challenge you to get into your first choice school. Because let's be honest, it's only the first of many challenges to come.

SOME FREE TIPS: I have worked with many self-proclaimed "bad writers" who find themselves stopping repeatedly instead of finding their flow. The secret to flow, though, it to just get the words out. Spill your brain onto the paper. Write that nagging thought before your self-consciousness kicks in and tells you to stop.

It doesn't have to sound pretty now--you'll work on that part later. But if you don't just write something down, you may as well throw all your best ideas out the window because you'll be too scared to record them.

And one more word of advice: don't try to sound "smart." Try to sound human instead. Big words gum up the paper and torture your reader; get to the point instead of forcing a big vocabulary and long clauses into your work.

Think we'd make a good match? Want to talk about your biggest writing challenges? Need help outlining your ideas? Email me at [email protected] or send me a PM and I'll have your back.

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