personal statement help

  1. P

    Personal statement review/help

    Hello everyone! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone know of good online services for PS review/advice that aren’t too expensive? It would also be amazing if there’s anyone here that would be willing to give me feedback for my PS since my writing/grammar sucks...
  2. Y

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to look over and provide feedback/edits on my personal statement? I'm applying this cycle and am trying to get a few non-biased reviews. I've asked some close friends, but I wanted to also get opinions from people who are confident in their personal statement or...
  3. R

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hi! Would anyone be willing to give some feedback on my personal statement and also help me figure out how I can shorten it down to meet the character count? I think figuring out what to include and what leave out has been the hardest part for me right now. Thank you!
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Create a Winning Medical School Personal Statement

    We see you out there – sitting in front of a blank screen, stressing over the character limit, worrying about your med school personal statement, and perhaps asking yourself, “How can I write about myself without sounding like I’m bragging? How can I stand out when I have similar experiences to...
  5. V

    Personal Statement Brainstorm help!

    Hello fellow SDNers! I am a 2019 applicant (trying to get my PS written early) and I would really appreciate some help in brainstorming what I should write! This may be an odd thing to ask, as I do understand that PS can get very personal sometimes, but I was wondering if any past...
  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical Writing a Lead That Pops

    How many times have you wandered through a bookstore, opening up a book to read the first few lines only to quickly close it again? How often have you read one of those free samples on your Kindle, only to decide after a paragraph that you’re glad you didn’t buy it? Similarly, how many times...
  7. J

    Non-tradional, career changer

    Dear, non-traditional, career changers: How did you structure your medical school personal statement? Thanks, JazzyPreMed
  8. chunkyfilms

    Personal Statement Readers? Trans Applicant

    I'm not applying until 2019-2020 cycle, but I have a personal statement written. My paper is largely about me being transgender and a few LGBT activities I participated in. My statement will most likely change over the next year, but I need a more refined version of it and a direction. Some of...
  9. S

    MD Need advice/thoughts for PS Vascular Surgery, chronic pain, and Low STEPS

    I am a rising MS4 who wants to pursue vascular surgery integrated. STEP1: 213 STEP2: 229 1 vascular case report under review Surgery: HP I had a leg calve perthes as a chid that took me out of school for periods of time and put me in a wheelchair fo3 years. After 4 surgeries I was able to...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story

    Ready to write your personal statement? Then it’s time to conjure your inner storyteller. The best way to distinguish yourself from other applicants is to tell the admissions board a good story, a tale of your greatest achievements, dreams, and challenges. How do you tell a good story? It’s...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical Five Steps to a Stronger Med School Personal Statement

    We see you out there – sitting in front of a blank screen, stressing over the character limit, worrying about your med school personal statement, and asking yourself: How can I write about myself without sounding like I’m bragging? How can I stand out when I have similar experiences to my premed...
  12. Dazed_Confused

    When is the Personal Statement too Personal/ Tough Background

    Hi guys, I have been brainstorming my personal statement and I would appreciate some serious help. I am not sure if I can share my past/ disadvantaged background on my personal statement. It has affected decisions I have made in my past and I would like to see how I have grown as an individual...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Will Your Medical School Personal Statement Stand Out?

    Your challenge: show the admissions committee something unique about you, in just 5300 characters! Convey your passion for medicine, show what kind of person and student you are, and demonstrate what kind of physician you’ll be in the future… No big deal, right? <Gulp> Don’t worry – It’s not...
  14. G

    Personal Statement Exchage

    Hi all, looking to do a PS exchange with other applicants applying in 2018/2019. Have a couple of drafts right now of statements that I wrote two months ago, but upon further inspection, I'm cringing a bit. If you'd like to proofread mine and I can do the same for yours, feel free to PM me!
  15. Q

    Personal Statement Help Please?

    Hello! I just finished my rough draft of my personal statement and was wondering if anyone would be able to look at it? I wasn't sure if my statement fully answered the AMCAS prompt and I'm not sure if the 2018-2019 thread has been made. Thank You!
  16. R

    Personal Statement for Scholarship vs. Grad School Application

    Hey guys, I recently received an acceptance from a Clinical Psych. Ph.D program! Now I'm looking for scholarships to apply to help pay for everything (it's funded, but the stipend isn't the greatest lol). I don't think this has been asked, but when writing a personal statement for a...
  17. A

    Med School App/Interview Prep Help

    Need Help with Your Med School Application? Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with a Harvard Medical Student today! I am a fourth year at Harvard Medical School and recently matched into Ophthalmology at the Harvard-affiliated Mass Eye and Ear residency program. I graduated magna cum...
  18. S

    Personal statement uGrad semester exchange. suggestions ?

    hello Guys. i am a medical student. i have recently applied for a semester exchange scholorship in USA from my country. i have written a personal statement for it. can anyone of you can give me a quick feedback after reading it ? thanks
  19. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Review my Personal Statement?

    I will be applying to Medical School this Spring, but I prepared this one for the application of my University's Pre-Health Advisory Committee. I am applying to it as a alumnus. This is my first go at one, and will certainly revise it to nauseam/ write new ones for the real Medical School...
  20. blessings7

    Please read my personal statement?

    Hello, I have gone through the 2017-2018 AMCAS application cycle thread and have seen that there aren't any available readers. I have my personal statement ready. Is anyone willing to read it and give me thorough feedback with constructive criticism? I promise I won't feel some type of way lol...
  21. G

    Help editing residency personal statement

    Anyone willing to read my personal statement and provide some comments?
  22. Dentin Tubules

    Personal Statement Editing and Proofreading

    Application season is in full swing! Don't let your personal statement be the only factor that's holding you back! I am offering editing and proofreading services for those that are applying to health professional schools, summer programs, masters programs and post baccalaureate programs. I...
  23. usma.consulting

    Advertisement US Medical Admissions Consulting & Editing Services

    SITE LINK: Home US Medical Admissions Consulting (USMA) is offering its services for the 2017-2018 Application Cycle. USMA is a New York based consultancy offering its expert editing services to applicants seeking admission to a variety of health care programs. The greatest portion of our...
  24. leturbinator

    Would you like to read my PS?

    Hi all! I hope everyone is doing dandy. I've hashed out my personal statement and would like some constructive criticism. Any and all help is thoroughly appreciated! Please PM me if interested :) Thank you so much!
  25. D

    Other Fellowship Personal Statement reader

    Are there any personal statement readers/critiquers out there? I've seen posts in years past about the official personal statement reading thread, no such thread for this year though. FWIW, I'm R2 Rads applying to MSK Thanks
  26. inGenius Prep

    Medical Questions to ask yourself before writing the Personal Statement

    Your medical school essays should demonstrate that you are genuinely passionate about and interested in medicine. This can be done in a number of ways: you might give specific examples of personal events which kindled your passion for medicine, experiences in the medical field that furthered...
  27. D

    Help with Med School Applications from Previous Adcoms – Get started early and receive up to 20% off

    Hi everybody! We are recent MD grads who served as interviewers and adcom members offering affordable help with all parts of the application process from general advising to personal statement editing and interview prep. To help you get ready for the upcoming application cycle we’re now...
  28. R

    Advertisement Affordable Personal Statement Editing + free writing tips

    THE SHORT STORY: Amanda here. I'm a med student's wife with a near-awkward love for storytelling and editing. I've helped people get into MD, DO, master's, and undergraduate programs because of my personal statement writing and editing. I graduated with a writing degree, have a day job in...
  29. Shawna-Kaye Lester

    FREE Personal Statement workbook

    Hi, I’m Shawna-Kaye Lester. My writing coaching services help you put together a memorable essay, so you can impress admissions, attend your dream school, and go create the life and legacy you want. My free workbook helps you to stop procrastinating and write a personal statment that stands...
  30. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Get Started on Your Personal Statement with One Easy Technique

    Okay, you’ve calmed down after your initial essay-writing anxiety, and you still don’t know where to begin. How do you capture your whole life in the meager number of characters allotted? Whether you’re feeling stuck or feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas bouncing around in your head, a...
  31. I

    PharmCas Personal Statement Review

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone would be so kind to look over my statement. It has been reviewed by a couple Pharmacists already, but I want more opinions on it. Message me if you're interested. Thank you!
  32. T

    Personal Statement

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to take a look at my personal statement? I'd appreciate any feedback I can get. Thanks!
  33. C

    Personal Statement on struggles?

    Hello sdn! So I had a question. I have suffered from epilepsy since I was 13(i only had seizures max four times total in my life however since im on medication) which caused me to be going to the hospital a lot with MRIs and check ups and such. I was thinking about writing how this inspired me...
  34. LindaAccepted

    Medical What do Medical Schools Look for in Application Essays?

    Focus the adcom reader's attention on the improvement made in the GPA. After reading thousands of applications over the years, I’ve noticed that there are common strategies that successful applicants use in their application essays. Your child, too, can use these strategies to earn an interview...
  35. R

    Reapplicant School Selection/Personal Statement

    Hi all, so I'm reapplying for the 2017 cycle. I received an interview during the 2016 cycle, but was waitlisted. I applied really late (secondaries were submitted in october) because of a letter of recommendation that was critical wasn't received from a professor and I was advised that this most...
  36. Lost In Transcription

    Struggling to put PS statement together, aka "overthinking"

    Hello, I have written a couple of PS, and thrown them all away. This has mostly been because I don't feel a strong enough theme to unify my explanation as to why I am applying M.D. The biggest thing holding me back from creating a cohesive theme is how my activities tie DIRECTLY to medicine...
  37. P

    Personal Statement Introduction Help!

    THANK YOU!!! :):):):):):)
  38. S

    Personal Statement Based on Global Health

    Is it a bad idea to base a personal statement for medical school around wanting to work abroad in developing countries for international organizations, as medical school seem to be more inclined to accepting students interested in staying in the US, working in the US and giving back to their...
  39. porridge101

    Reapplicant - Personal Statement

  40. Albino Ape

    Personal Statement About Growing Up Homeless

    First off a little bit about me and being homeless. (Don't want to go into too much detail for sake of anonymity, but difficult since its a unique story) I was homeless until I was 7 years old. My sister and I were found abandoned in a hospital parking garage. Placed into foster care and...