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  1. P

    Personal statement review/help

    Hello everyone! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone know of good online services for PS review/advice that aren’t too expensive? It would also be amazing if there’s anyone here that would be willing to give me feedback for my PS since my writing/grammar sucks...
  2. B

    Would anyone be willing to read over my personal statement and give feedback?

    Would anyone be willing to look and provide feedback on my personal statement? I'll be applying this upcoming cycle and wanted to get any feedback from people who are confident in their writing skills or have already been accepted into medical school. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  3. Y

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to look over and provide feedback/edits on my personal statement? I'm applying this cycle and am trying to get a few non-biased reviews. I've asked some close friends, but I wanted to also get opinions from people who are confident in their personal statement or...
  4. F

    Personal Statement Draft Feedback Please

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to read over and provide feedback on a draft for my personal statement? I plan on applying for the upcoming cycle so I did not know if I should post this in the Personal Statement Guide that was for the application cycle which is still currently happening. I can...
  5. S

    Personal Statement and/or Activities Help

    Hello! Anyone willing to read through my personal statement? I've done a lot of the basic grammar stuff, I'm hoping I can get some help with flow and structure. I've had a bunch of family members read it but it still seems to be missing a certain something. Thanks so much!
  6. R

    Willing to Review PS and/or Work/Activities

    I am down to read personal statements or work/activities lists and provide feedback related to content and delivery if that's of use to anyone. Feel free to PM me.
  7. YourFutureMD

    Personal statement readers please? Also need someone in OB/GYN field to read a particular paragraph?

    Hello guys! So this is my first time posting. I am going to be turning in my application for this cycle and I'm in need of help from current medical students, or people who have some sort of experience with reading personal statements! There is also a part of my statement I would like someone in...
  8. D

    Personal Statement Editor

    Hi everyone! I am hoping to make your personal statement writing journey a tad less stressful :) I understand what medical school and residency admissions committees want to see in an applicant's essay. Let me help you with grammar corrections, diction, and overall make you and your personal...
  9. G

    Personal Statement Exchage

    Hi all, looking to do a PS exchange with other applicants applying in 2018/2019. Have a couple of drafts right now of statements that I wrote two months ago, but upon further inspection, I'm cringing a bit. If you'd like to proofread mine and I can do the same for yours, feel free to PM me!
  10. Q

    Personal Statement Help Please?

    Hello! I just finished my rough draft of my personal statement and was wondering if anyone would be able to look at it? I wasn't sure if my statement fully answered the AMCAS prompt and I'm not sure if the 2018-2019 thread has been made. Thank You!
  11. inGenius Prep

    Medical 3 Medical School Personal Statement Topics to Avoid

    We all know that your GPA and MCAT score are important metrics when applying to medical schools. But it’s your personal statement that makes you truly stand out as a dynamic human being who is more than just numbers. And while there’s a lot of opportunity within the personal statement to show...
  12. A

    Med School App/Interview Prep Help

    Need Help with Your Med School Application? Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with a Harvard Medical Student today! I am a fourth year at Harvard Medical School and recently matched into Ophthalmology at the Harvard-affiliated Mass Eye and Ear residency program. I graduated magna cum...
  13. anhnen5

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hello everyone! Any readers interested in critiquing a Personal Statement? It's still a work in progress but I just wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction. Mainly looking for content/story advice and critiques, but of course grammar/flow if anything is glaringly bad. Thank you...
  14. tutorthepeople

    Medical Navigating Personal Statement

    Just about every graduate program requires a personal statement as part of the application. A personal statement can be daunting. Unless you keep a daily journal or diary log (hey, this does not include social media updates), writing a full essay about your life is unexpectedly challenging...
  15. G

    Help editing residency personal statement

    Anyone willing to read my personal statement and provide some comments?
  16. Dentin Tubules

    Personal Statement Editing and Proofreading

    Application season is in full swing! Don't let your personal statement be the only factor that's holding you back! I am offering editing and proofreading services for those that are applying to health professional schools, summer programs, masters programs and post baccalaureate programs. I...
  17. usma.consulting

    US Medical Admissions Consulting & Personal Statement Editing Services

    SITE LINK: Home US Medical Admissions Consulting (USMA) is offering its services for the 2017-2018 Application Cycle. USMA is a New York based consultancy offering its expert editing services to applicants seeking admission to a variety of health care programs. The greatest portion of our...
  18. Sage37

    Anyone willing to read over a Personal Statement?

    Hi guys, If there's anyone who would be willing to read my personal statement, I'd very much appreciate it! I've gone through some edits, but I could really uses a new pair of eyes to look over it. I would appreciate any tips I can get! . Thanks!
  19. pvpapaioann

    Personal Statement

    Hi guys, If there's anyone that would be willing to read my personal statement for content and style, I'd very much appreciate it! It's gone through some edits (not grammar yet, but no need to worry about that just yet), so if there's any tips I'm all ears. Thanks!
  20. C

    D.O. Personal Statement

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone would be so kind to read and give me feedback on my personal statement? I'm hoping to get advice from some medical students! Thank you!!
  21. leturbinator

    Would you like to read my PS?

    Hi all! I hope everyone is doing dandy. I've hashed out my personal statement and would like some constructive criticism. Any and all help is thoroughly appreciated! Please PM me if interested :) Thank you so much!
  22. inGenius Prep

    Medical Common mistakes on the Personal Statement

    Here's a list of the most common mistakes we see students make on their personal statement: Rewriting your “Experience List” Exaggerating adversity Save the diversity for the diverse candidates Leave high school in the past (i.e. don’t focus on it) You’re not a doctor yet – don’t act like you...
  23. inGenius Prep

    Medical Questions to ask yourself before writing the Personal Statement

    Your medical school essays should demonstrate that you are genuinely passionate about and interested in medicine. This can be done in a number of ways: you might give specific examples of personal events which kindled your passion for medicine, experiences in the medical field that furthered...
  24. dentalgoal team

    Dental Advice of an ex-predental student

    http://www.dentalgoal.com/ A professor told me “the days will be long, the years will be short”. This was in reference to our journey as dental students. I completely resonated with this as my undergrad felt very much like this. The caviat is that in fact the duration of your undergrad is a...
  25. D

    Help with Med School Applications from Previous Adcoms – Get started early and receive up to 20% off

    Hi everybody! We are recent MD grads who served as interviewers and adcom members offering affordable help with all parts of the application process from general advising to personal statement editing and interview prep. To help you get ready for the upcoming application cycle we’re now...
  26. Prolix

    Request for reading a personal statement for summer research

    I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to critique two personal statements and my resume that I writing for my application for summer research programs, as an undergraduate? I have never applied for a research program before, so I am concerned about writing effective personal...
  27. R

    Advertisement Affordable Personal Statement Editing + free writing tips

    THE SHORT STORY: Amanda here. I'm a med student's wife with a near-awkward love for storytelling and editing. I've helped people get into MD, DO, master's, and undergraduate programs because of my personal statement writing and editing. I graduated with a writing degree, have a day job in...
  28. M

    MedicineGoal - Guarantee an Interview or Your Money Back!

    Dear Pre-Medical Students, MedicineGoal is an Ivy League AMCAS application editing and consulting service that can get you into your dream Medical School. Not only do we take pride in our work, our customers can attest to the high level of quality and satisfaction they receive from using our...