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Hi, just got into afhpsp. Please help me out and answer some questions if you can. Thank you.

1. Do new docs (first year of payback post residency) get to go to overseas bases? My interest was to practice on an AF base in Japan for my payback. I heard that it was hard to go overseas for new docs though.

2. I heard that the competitive residencies are even more competitive to get into in the military. Is this true and generally how much?

3. If you do not match in the AF residency you applied to, what is the chance of a civilian deferment?

4. Is there time for a decent research experience during med school, or does the ADT get in the way?

5. Is there more work load in the military or the civilian world?

6. Under normal circumstances (not under the BUsh administration) how often does one get a tour in a four year payback period.


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Oct 27, 2003
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I can't answer everything for you, but if you do not match w/the AF residency, you are automatically deferred and will get your choice in civilian match. You have to apply to both matches in case you don't get your AF match.

Each year, the AF states how many residency spots are available in each specialty. So, if you are trying to get into a residency that has only a few spots open for that next year, then could be difficult to get the one you want.

Check out the HPSP website at

If you look in the forums, someone addressed residency matches. I hope that helps a bit. There is lots of info on that website.