Ahhh Which practice tests to take?

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Mar 3, 2011
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Okay I have all the AAMC and TBR 1-5 exams for practice. I am taking my MCAt on Sept. 10th. So there is lot of time. I, am however, not scoring as high as i would like on practice passages and such. My plan was to use AAMC 7-11 and TBR 1-5. But, if i use all those tests, and if i score not that good, then wouldnt I lose the whole purpose of FLs for next time around. Like I would have seen the exams.

So, should I just be confident and take the FLs or should not do few on purpose so I know where I stand if I choose to retake the MCAT? Thanks!

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take tbr mcat practice tests before you start taking the aamc ones. the real thing is on par with tbr. If you can score mid twenties on tbr, you should be able to score in the 30s on the aamcs. However, just watch out for the aamc's because they are waay easier than the real thing
those aamc tests are better used as a method to predict your real score...not for practice.. if you are not scoring as high, stop taking the practice test and review your content.