Mar 1, 2018

I am a 12th grade student in America who wants to write the AIIMS entrance exam. I was born in India and moved to America in second grade. If you could answer the following questions, I would really appreciate it!
  1. In which category do I fall under? I am pretty sure I am not a foreign national, but I also don't think I qualify under the General category since I haven't lived there for so long.
  2. If I am considered a foreign national, how do I apply?
  3. What documents do I have to submit? Since I completed my high school here, I don't know how to prove my Physics, Chemistry, and Biology qualifications. In India, it seems as though they accept a collective score; in the U.S., we take separate courses for each subject and the scores are not combined.
  4. I do not have a Indian phone number as I live abroad, but the AIIMS registration won't allow me to insert my American phone number; what to do?
  5. I called AIIMS but they told me to email them instead; I emailed them but haven't yet received a reply. Is there another way to contact them and receive a quick reply?
I have already checked the AIIMS website thoroughly and unsuccessfully tried to find others in a similar situation as me.

However, I hope you'll be able to help me out; thank you for your time and assistance!
Apr 15, 2018
Trust me, I can feel what you are going through. I also moved to US long ago and applied to indian colleges after my 12th grade.

1. you would be considered a foreign national if you do not have an Indian passport, as in if you took up US citizenship. But if you are a green card holder or any other visas, you would fall under general category / NRI category.
2.I did not apply to AIIMS, so I am not able to help you out regarding this. You could also try to apply to private colleges that accept NRIs for medical schools although this is a much more expensive option.
3. When I applied to colleges in India (this was in 2010) , I remember that my high school transcripts from california had to be evaluated in Delhi. Then they gave a certificate that stated "the education I received in California is equivalent to +2 or 12th grade in india".
4. Try to get a relative to provide their phone number, if possible.
5. one thing that you need to understand is that things work differently in India. They might not respond right away, and at times they wont respond at all.

Honestly your best option could be to apply to private universities. Also one more question, are you planning on returning to US after doing MBBS? It can be a difficult option as you need to take USMLE after you are done with MBBS, and you will be considered as an international medical graduate. The options could be limited but definitely not impossible to achieve.

All the best! And I hope my reply is somewhat useful.


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Jun 19, 2011
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I am adding my thot on the topic of getting a residency as IMG....(1) try to score very high in USMLEs, do some research.....generally, the acceptance for IMG revolves around 50-53% of total IMG applicants. If you are an US Citizen, things might be somewhat relaxed. However, now IMGs have to compete with DOs and Caribbean grads also.

Good luck with your career decision.
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