1. teehee123

    What are my chances with my stats

    Hi,2 I am a Canadian student looking to apply to American dental schools. My GPA is 3.64 My GPA is 3.55 My DAT score: PAT:19 QR:18 RC:23 BIO:21 GC:20 OC:18 TS:20 AA:20 I still have to get shadowing experience butbecause of COVID, it has been very difficult to find. My ideal option would be to go...
  2. B

    US Fellowship as an Australian Physician

    Hi all, I am currently a medical student in Australia (AU citizen) who is potentially exploring the possibility of completing a fellowship overseas - potentially the U.S. Note that I do not intend to stay in America to practice. I have written this post to get some better clarity on the...
  3. B

    African American DO v MD

    So I'm in a position, where I will be choosing between MD or DO. I am interested in DO, cause I want to learn OMM. However, I'm African American. And in the back of my head I feel like there will always be someone thinking "OH, he is a black Osteopath. I guess he wasn't good enough to...
  4. 5

    AIIMS as an NRI

    Hello! I am a 12th grade student in America who wants to write the AIIMS entrance exam. I was born in India and moved to America in second grade. If you could answer the following questions, I would really appreciate it! In which category do I fall under? I am pretty sure I am not a foreign...
  5. N

    Neurology Residency

    Hi guys, I'm an Irish undergrad med considering neurology in the future, just have a few questions that some of you may be able to answer? 1.If I go to the states and to do residency in a top tier program and come back? If i did the standard 4 years ( 1 year IM, 3 years neurology) would I...
  6. Carso93

    Help me for a Clinical Elective

    Hi guys :laugh: I would ask you some advices about hospitals in which I could apply for a Clinical Elective in the next summer. - Geographic area: America, Australia, UK - I have only an IELTS with the score of 6 - Preferred specialty: Cardiology - 4 weeks Actually, I have found something in...
  7. S

    America's Bitter Pill

    Anyone else reading this book? So far it has been a great read.
  8. D

    USA Surgical Residency IMG

    hi guys ive posted a few times here. need to keep my options open. im a canadian citizen, in a medical college outside of canada, outside north and south america. if i want to come to america and obtain a surgical residency program, how would i go about doing so? usmle scores? extra curricular...
  9. H

    Medical school in Australia or Dentistry in America?

    A bit about myself. I graduated in May 2015 from a college in the U.S. as an international student. I wanted to do medicine but at the same time have been told numerous times how hard it is for international students to get in. Hence I got discouraged and slacked off during junior and senior...
  10. R

    From Surgery in France, planning on pathology in US.

    Graduated at 2012, from gulf country med school, accredited by ECFMG, Finished USMLE step 1, 230, Step 2 CS, in 2013 only Step 2 CK remain which will be done in the end of this year. I have experience of général surgery in france for about one year and half. residency was hard, the prospect of...
  11. A

    Can Anyone Help?

    Hi Does anyone know of any british students in med school at any of the big 4 in the caribbean? Or any british students who have obtained residency in the US? Do you know of any issues they are facing or did face to get to where they are. How was finding a residency as a british citizen...