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  1. MedicalDestiny

    ERAS NRMP Residency Advisor for 2020 Match

    I have years of experience as a USMLE Step 2 CS tutor; and more recently have worked one on one with medical students, Foreign Medical Graduates FMGS, IMG international medical graduates in helping them get their ERAS applications— personal statements, CV, and doing mock interviews with them/...
  2. Dr. ThorStrange

    Following Medical Schools on Social Media

    Is it ok to follow medical schools on social media accounts? Is it ok to tag medical schools in social media posts? Or is it bothersome/annoying to them? What do you guys think?
  3. D

    Re-applicant chances / What to do

    Hello all! I am planning on applying during the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle. I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews which turned into waitlists and then rejections. Here is my initial application stats: Undergrad - Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor cGPA - 3.52 sGPA -...
  4. M

    Undergrad College and Med School Admissions

    Hey, I realize that this topic has already been beaten to death, but I just want to ask some questions specific to my situation. Please excuse my wordiness and grammar in advance. I’m a current high school junior and am exploring college options. I come from a fairly well to do family (I am not...
  5. Dr. ThorStrange

    What is Considered Good Experience?

    What is considered good clinical experience? What is considered good non-clinical experience? How many hours is enough to be considered good? Is it better to have less hours in multiple places, or many hours that show commitment to one place? What do you guys think?
  6. 3

    GPA From Community Colleges Considered?

    I have read that the GPA earned in a community college is not transferred over to a university, but rather only the credits earned from individual classes are. Does this mean that the GPA earned at a community college is not considered at all by medical school adcoms? Will the overall GPA upon...
  7. Dr. ThorStrange

    Which GPA Should be Used for LizzyM Score?

    What I mean by this: Do you use the cGPA you had when applying to schools, or can it be calculated using an updated cGPA, such as after another semester? Another way to look at it: Should you stick to one LizzyM Score, or should you recalculate each time after updating your cGPA, such as after...
  8. D

    In my junior year and thinking of pursuing med school over pharmacy?

    I am currently in my junior year of undergraduate school and in a bit of a dilemma. I am supposed to be studying for the pcat and applying to pharmacy school in the summer. But I am thinking about changing paths and pursing medical school. I worked at retail and hated it and just don't see...
  9. S

    What can I do to get into Medical School? (Opinion)

    Hello Everyone! I am in the application process for the 2019 application cycle. I have a question about the weakness of my application. Please feel free to comment: Male Caucasian 26 years old Didn't go to a good school (acceptance rate is 94%) cumulative gpa was 3.4. (College GPA was 3.7...
  10. Dr. ThorStrange

    Who is considered URM?

    Who, on this list, is considered URM? Black/African American Hispanic/Latino Native American Hawaiian Asian White (European Descent) White (Middle Eastern Descent) What do you guys think?
  11. R

    FAILED multiple classes can i still get into med school??

    I retook 6 of my science based classes in undergrad. It wasn't that I didn't get the material. The problem was I had horrible study skills and always procrastinated. The second time around I got A's and B's on all of them. But my previous grade still shows on the transcript. How badly will this...
  12. Dr. ThorStrange

    When is it too late to expect interview invites?

    A friend and I were discussing this the other day :laugh:. He is freaking out because he hasn't received any II so far :nailbiting:. My response was that there is still hope to receive II because he submitted all his secondaries before Thanksgiving and many schools have deadlines for secondaries...
  13. C

    I might have shot myself in the foot...

    Hello SDN. Sorry about the length of the original post, its my first time using the forums. Background - Age: 24 - Ethnicity: Filipino (Born in the Philippines, moved to America and became an American Citizen) - State of Residence: NJ - Major: B.S. Science w/ Minor in Psychology at a 4-year...
  14. CES5

    Radio Silence....when do I start worrying?

  15. 9

    MCAT score

    So, I wanted to know if not reporting a score to AACOMAS (DO schools) would get me in trouble? I went from a 480 to 493 and and recently got a 487. I am beyond scared and just upset. I thought I would do better considering I had a 439 on my second attempt but I could not. Does anyone know if I...
  16. M

    USMLE Online Tutor Available Immediately

    Experience: I am currently a resident physician in the Mt. Sinai Medical System in NYC. I scored 264 on USMLE Step 1 when I took it in 2015 and 258 on Step 2 CK in 2016. Since then, I have tutored many students in-person and online via Skype with excellent outcomes. CV, references, and score...
  17. mdfaithful

    Update letter - Worthwhile or not?

    Hi everyone and good luck to everyone else in this year's application cycle! I have applied to many schools this cycle and have completed the application relatively early (ranging from mid-July to mid-August). I have not heard many of these schools back. No holds, no rejections, no anything. The...
  18. D

    Research vs Scribing To Improve As Re-Applicant?

    Hi all. So I applied to 10 schools, all allopathic, during the 2017-2018 cycle. I got 2 interviews, which both resulted in waitlists and ultimately rejections. I am taking a year off and trying to improve my application, but need help deciding what to do during the upcoming year. Here was my...
  19. S

    UAB vs WashU Undergrad

    I am a current high senior who wishes to eventually go on to medical school. I am in-state for UAB and can go there for free. I can also apply for the early medical school acceptance program; however, this is far from a guaranteed acceptance. I have a 35 ACT and feel confident in my ability to...
  20. J

    Non-trad applicant, kind of stuck, not sure how to move forward

    Hello, I am a non-trad applicant and also a re-applicant. Three years ago I applied to medical school and did not get in. I lost motivation and hope that I'll ever go to med school and so I decided to delay reapplying. I worked for 4 years in the lab while doing masters in MPH...Thinking back...
  21. Dr. ThorStrange

    Can I get feedback on this question:

    Discuss any elements of your application that you feel might be concerning to the Admissions Committee. Is this question required or optional on the application? If required, should I explain about one bad grade or low MCAT? How should I approach this question? Should I mention the concern then...
  22. L

    British/European medical degree

    So, I'm a junior in a US undergrad and will be applying to US medical schools next year but I would also like to apply to British and/or other European medical schools. Do you guys know how would I proceed for now on as an American citizen? The information I found online were not...
  23. C


    Hello! I am working full time right now at Cornell hospital to pay some students loans off. I took my MCAT in June and while I was scoring 510 and up on my practice tests- I got a 498 on the actual exam, which was depressing. However I am planning on retaking it next March. My undergrad GPA...
  24. sushi18

    Worth taking 1 extra class to raise BCPM GPA to 3.7?

    I took stats a while back and realized since it's online it won't count toward medical school. I've fulfilled the math requirement already but without statistics my projected BCPM GPA will be ~3.69. I wasn't a BCPM major in college so every unit makes a big difference. I understand it's a very...
  25. examsandyams

    Does the medical school you attend determine residency location?

    I'm from the Midwest, I would like to eventually end up working in the same region because of family ties. I know residency matches are dependent on COMLEX/ USMLE scores and specialty, but do residencies prefer students who attend medical schools in their region? Some DO schools have missions to...
  26. W

    Physical therapy school

    hello all, I was wondering if there was a school in the USA that doesn’t require anatomy and physiology as a pre requisite?
  27. H

    What are my chances?

    I am a pre-med student currently discouraged because a lot of my friends always seem to be 2 steps ahead of me. I’m posting this to see if I’m on the right track/ ask critique of where my resume lacks. Thanks in advance!! Degree: Biology, Honors Track GPA: 3.833 Extra. Curriculares: College...
  28. OldRedditGuy

    Does your undergraduate institution matter a lot when applying to medical school?

    I've been reading a lot on this matter. Perhaps, even a bit too much, but this topic really worries me. I'm applying to med school very soon, and I attended a state school in Florida, the University of Central Florida to he specific. I'm applying to top programs like Harvard, Columbia, Penn, and...
  29. R

    MD Bs/md questions

    Hello. I am a rising senior at high school. I am an international student and came to United States in middle school. My English is pretty fluent. I’ve been doing shadowing, laboratory researches, volunteers and many other EC’s at my high school. My gpa is around 4.1 weighted(until junior) and...
  30. sherer1

    Diversity Essay Opinions? Racing vs. Robotic surgery?

    For the diversity essays i was initially going to talk about being a Persian immigrant and so on but I realized that that's not what really makes me unique and will probably bore the admissions person so I'm stuck between these two: 1 - throughout my college years I found that racing cars was...
  31. B

    MD Improve Residency Match Chances in Gap Year?

    Hi guys, I graduated from undergrad in 3 years and will be taking 2 gap years (one being my 4th year and the other 5th) because I still have not taken the MCAT and will have to apply in later 2019-2020 cycle. I definitely will use this time off to relax/spend time with friends and family, but...
  32. R

    Chance a low CARS, PLEASE HELP ME!

    MCAT score is 511: 130,123,128,130 cGPA 3.89 sGPA 3.85 disadvantaged ESL CA resident EC's: a few thousand hours non clinical volunteering 300 clinical volunteering 200 shadowing 1k research but no publication What schools should I apply to? Here is my current list: Albany Albert Einstein...
  33. F

    Should I apply or wait?

    is it worth me trying to apply with an MCAT of 492 or should I just wait and retake the mcat and apply next cycle? Do schools like to see reapplicants? Help
  34. R

    African American Definition

    Hi all, I have a question about what is defined as African American. My father was born and raised in Durban, South Africa, while my mother was born and raised in India. My father is Indian too, but his side of the family has been in South Africa since the early 1900s. I identify as both Indian...
  35. F

    MD & DO Should I apply or wait?

    Hi there, I am in a sticky situation. I cannot decide whether or not to apply this cycle or wait and retake the MCAT. I have a low MCAT score but a very good GPA and incredible experience. I hear that it is good for medical schools to see your name, but I can't decide if it is the worth money...
  36. T

    Bcpm: 3.21 cgpa: 3.17 bms masters 3.68

    what are my chances and looking for a list please. Undergrad science: 3.21 Undergrad cumulative: 3.17 Undergrad non science: 3.09 Biomedical sciences masters: 3.68 MCAT: 505 -Firefighter/emt since undergrad -Research assistant for UTHealth department of emergency medicine. Work in level 1 ED. -...
  37. G

    shadowing question

    Hi, I am wondering how much shadowing an ophthalmologist would help my application for medical school?
  38. B

    Research lab problem

    So I am senior now and will be graduating after next semester. I have >1000 hours of research at 3 different labs (stayed at each lab for 1 year including summers), with the most recent one with >400 hours (9 months including summers). However, I do not have any publications... I was going to...
  39. M

    Unique re-applicant situation

    Hello all! I'm in a pretty tough situation and wanted to seek the advice of the wonderful /premed community. I am a Caribbean medical student at ROSS and am not doing well. I did not pass first semester and currently am attempting to repeat the semester but will likely not pass this time...