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Aug 16, 2005
No one has given very much info on the dental side... I was wondering if anyone has any info about the following bases... ie. living, perks, downfalls, anything about the OMFS at the following bases... any info would be helpful. This is the preliminary list of bases up for OMFS next year.

Osan, Korea a 1 year remote (no family members can go with you) tour that comes open every year
Andrews near Washington DC
Langley Virginia
Lackland San Antonio, TX
Travis San Francisco area, CA
Aviano near Venice, Italy
Elmendorf Alaska
Nellis Las Vegas, NV
Offutt Omaha, NE
Spangdahlem Germany
Sheppard Wichita Falls, TX
Lakenheath England
Ramstein Germany
Eglin Florida
Kadena Okinawa, Japan
Scott St Louis, MO
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