Air Force USAF HPSP pitfalls

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Feb 16, 2024
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After spending 13 years enlisted, 8 of it AD, in aviation maintenance I entered a US MD program on an HPSP scholarship. During April of my second year I was diagnosed with NHL after presenting with back pain and pending paraplegia. I underwent an emergent laminectomy followed by EBRT and chemotherapy. January of my fourth year I was notified that my scholarship was being terminated for being unfit to serve. I was never allowed to meet a medical board. I graduated with my class and completed a residency in FM. After 1 year in practice I received my discharge from the USAF and a bill for my medical education to be paid in full within 30 days. I was subsequently turned over to collections while I appealed. I subsequently went to work for the VA hoping to take advantage of student loan forgiveness. I found out that I did not qualify as mine was a debt to the government and not a student loan. This has now been paid in full. The VA decided that my NHL was causally related to jet fuel and I have now been service connected. With this decision I went back to the USAF hoping to recoup my money and recreate my military career. I was informed the USAF did not recognize VA decisions. I had 16 years and 5 months in uniform.

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IIRC, you can buy in your military time in the VA retirement system, so all is not lost.
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Yes continue working for the VA and buy back that AD time toward a retirement and pension with them
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Way past time to lawyer up, contact every vet org and contact every elected official you can.

And be going after a 15 year letter to retire from the reserves if you have that many good years.
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