Albert Einstein Interview!

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Jun 29, 2001
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Just heard from them today through email. They just tell you to email them with a few dates you have available.

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awesome pillbug! congrats and i hope you rock the interview!
pillbug, stats please?
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sci: 3.72
non-sci: 3.82
V: 11, PS: 12, BS: 12
(scores from second time i took it)
When was your application complete pillbug?
Thanks pillbug. My stats are identical to yours except the science and non-science GPA are reversed (yes, I have a much higher science GPA, go figure). My MCAT is two points below yours because of the VR in which I got a 9 but everything is identical. Oh yeah, my references are on vacation or on maternity leave so I can't reach em till after Labor Day, and that's why my app is incomplete. I've got to stop fretting like a typical premed. I hope I can have my turn. Oh yeah, and I hope Einstein likes physics majors!!!! :)
I receieved an email informing me that my app was complete aug 21 (seems like they work pretty fast over at einstein). I sent in my primary and secondary 7/24.

Don't worry too much moo! Once your recs get in you'll be fine. Our med sci committee made sure to have our packets ready before school ended. That's one reason why i've been fortunate to hear from schools so early.

ps. thanks to everyone for their support and positive attitudes. =)
what dates do they offer for interviews?
Congrats on your interview! I'm applying to the same school, but my credentials are nowhere as good..=T
Congrats pillbug!!!

However, I always thought you were a GIRL...
hmmm....maybe I am wrong...must be the name or something...
Hehe. i am a girl. :p

They don't offer any dates. They just tell you to email them with possible dates and times. The interview consists of a lunch and tour as well. They said that they do everything through email or fax not by phone.

Anyone else heard from Einstein? let me know...
Did they ask you to send them a picture before you got the interview request. i just got asked for a picture and I found that a little strange.
I got asked for a picture around 2 weeks ago. It's b/c it doesn't say it on the application but they want it with all applications..
I thought the same thing at first. Only U of Michigan will ask for your picture if they are considering you from what I know..
Yes. I had to submit the picture before my application was complete. For anyone who hasn't turned in their Einstein secondary yet I would send in a picture with save some time.