All PTE Courses Listed as Lecture Only on Transcripts


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May 29, 2018
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Hello all,

Upon reviewing the PDF copy of my Professional Transcript Entry – I have noticed that every single undergraduate course I have taken is listed as “Lecture Only” – including those that are listed as exclusively laboratory courses (e.g. Biochemistry Laboratory, listed and graded as a separate course from Biochemistry Lecture, is listed as “Lecture Only” when it is inherently a laboratory-only component…). While the pre-requisite courses with seperated laboratory components on my transcript do not worry me as much (I presume that adcom’s could tell that separate courses containing a title with "Laboratory" in my official transcript under Orgo/Biochem/etc. were exclusively laboratory classes), I am worried that I will be screened-out pre-interview because other basic science classes that included laboratory components but were not listed seperately, such as Biology, Gen Chem, etc., are listed as “Lecture Only”. Is this a common problem? I reached out to AACOMAS regarding this problem earlier in September and they simply requested a link to my undergraduate universities’ course catalog. After replying with the affected courses and a link to my official course catalog weeks ago, and not receiving any changes or updates, I reached-out again recently for a status update – upon which they responded yesterday with an email that seemed like the same generic response again asking for my course catalog. I have already submitted and been marked as complete at a multitude of schools before I noticed this discrepancy. Would it be in my best interest to reach-out to these schools’ admissions departments and explain this problem and clarify which pre-requisites (and higher-level science) courses contained laboratory components? If so, should I mention that this misstep is being addressed by AACOMAS?

Any comments or experience with this problem is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,




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Jul 21, 2008
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I had a different transcript issue but was not able to get it resolved by email. They are pretty responsive to phone calls and explanations. Make sure you write down who you talked to and when, then give them a few days and call again. With the new rep explain where you’re at in the process and get an update, rinse and repeat until it has been corrected. It’s a pain in the rear, ultimately one of the customer service reps gave me his direct email and was able to get it kicked up to a higher level for transcript appeal.

Best of luck!

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