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Alternate List Concerns


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Oct 27, 2008
New Jersey
  1. Medical Student
As of now, I have been placed on the "Alternate List" for two schools. What's the average chance of being accepted from alternate lists? Do applicants on an alt list typically have to wait until the very end of the app season to hear a response?


I think it all depends on the schools.

But there really isn't any way to predict alternate list movement because it depends on what the people who have been accepted to the school will do - they may keep their seat or they might not. We just have to wait and see.

I would think most movement occurs during the latter part of the application cycle when second deposits are due and more people make final choices as to where they will go.
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Ebola Virus

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7+ Year Member
Nov 28, 2007
Bio-Safety Level 4
  1. Medical Student
I agree with sithr. It all depends on the school as to the movement of the waitlist. Even so, most DO schools have deposit deadline on Dec. 15, so if the accepted applicants do not turn in their deposit, thus forfeiting that seat, so more spots are available. What also matters is what position of the waitlist you're in...top third, middle, or bottom third. I would send letter of intent or updates to schools that you're waitlisted in. Semester grades, research, volunteer activity, shadowing, etc...
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