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Dec 14, 2005
Hello everyone,

I've just decided to apply to MPH programs for Fall 2006. My personal statement is nearly complete, but I'm not sure what "tier" schools I should be applying to, as well as what type of programs.

My interest is in HIV/Infectious diseases (Health education, I guess?), but I'm planning to go to med school eventually so I'm told epidemiology is a better track.

My stats: 3.45 undergrad gpa, double degree in biology and french, 31Q MCAT (this is the other thing-i prefer schools that will take MCAT instead of GRE), graudated may 2005

My experience: health educator for 9th grade students (during senior year of high school), treasurer of an organization for 1 year undergrad/president of that organization for the next two years, and I am currently doing research in oncology and a teacher for Kaplan, both positions which I have been involved with for extended periods of time.

I would ideally like to go to school in a big city (GWU/Emory being my top picks right now), but my understanding is that they are more competitve. Any suggestions from anyone about my strength as a candidate or a particular program?

Thanks for your help!


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Jul 22, 2002
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I'm not an expert in stats to get in, but my feeling is that experience counts heavily, which it seems you have.

I generally think epi is the way to go for MD-types, but I'm biased. I would think more about what you want to do vs. what you have done. Many topics need people from many areas, and from what I can tell what your major in gets less and less important in subsequent years after graduation. Get a well-rounded, liberal arts public health education, learn the basics well, study what you're interested in, follow your passion and heart, and the details will come.
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