Am I a decent applicant for some decent schools?

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Jun 27, 2013
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Overall gpa of 3.73 with a pretty strong upward trend (freshman year was like 3.53 and then the rest of the years were in the 3.8 range). MCAT: 513 w/ 128/127/127/131. I'm done a decent amount of medical stuff, including a medical internship in india, research assistant in a behavioral endocrinology lab, and am currently working full time as a medical assistant at an orthopedics clinic. I have also worked as an outdoor adventure guide for a while and have a number of other extracurrics. Does it sound like I would have a strong application to be considered for high level med schools? Or if not high level what kinds of schools would you think I have a good shot at? If you could throw out like five it would be super helpful. Particularly any schools in California, NYC, Chicago, and Boston. Mainly Cali as I'd like to stay somewhat close to home.

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