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Jun 20, 2013
I am a TX resident who has already applied through TMDSAS and AMCAS, however these primaries were submitted late due to financial issues getting the funds together to afford the primaries/secondaries. When I say late I mean, submitted in August and verified in September. I'm currently wading through all the secondaries, which is a task for around 20 school. Since I applied so late, my lowish MCAT/GPA (29/3.70) is starting to cause me to get a little anxious regarding chances of an MD acceptance. I have plenty of other ECs including two years of post-bacc research. I already have a TCOM II so I know my numbers are well in the range for DO schools, but now that I've waited, I am now too late for submitting the AACOMAS? This would require a tremendous financial sacrifice, but since my parents make too much, I am illegible for the fee waiver and they are unwilling to help.