Am I too late?

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Jan 21, 2012
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A lot of people have been warning me about how late I will be submitting my primary app. I am taking the MCAT on July 7 so I technically won't be able to submit until the 7th of August. That being said, i was wondering what I should do in this case. Is it too late to submit? Should I wait until next year? The thing I am afraid of is that I don't get a 30 or above. Lastly, how many of you guys submitted your applications mid august and still got accepted?
Last year I took the mcat July 28th. I got 3 interviews,

The best advice is to not take the mcat until you are absolutely ready. Don't try to rush it and find an earlier date at this point unless you are 100% confident. BTW I didn't get accepted but Im chalking it up to average interviewing skills. An earlier submission would have helped me, yes, but it didn't ruin my chances all together.
You can submit before you have taken the MCAT. If you want, you could fill out the application now and submit it today. You mark what date you will take the test. This can be risky and you should only do it if you are confident in what score you will get. Take some practice tests and gauge which schools you will be most competitive and go from there. You can always add more schools after you get your scores back.
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my roommate fill out his primary apps in september and got accepted to UIC.

hope that helps.