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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Angel_Eyes, May 31, 2002.

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    Hello there all,
    Just wondering about the application. Not quite done with mine yet. Actually, I haven't even started, I am still applying for the FAP. Can I apply to amcas before hearing about the waiver? How long is the app? Any problems ya'll ran into that you think would help me out would be sooo helpful. Thanks.
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    The AMCAS application is quite long...more than likely longer than any other application you have ever filled out.

    Check out <a href=";f=1;t=012103" target="_blank">this thread</a> for some of the questions that people have had so far.

    You must pay your AMCAS fee prior to submission. If you are expecting the FAP fee waiver, you must wait for FAP approval before submitting the AMCAS application. Under no circumstances is the FAP retroactive, i.e., AMCAS will not refund any money already paid prior to FAP approval.

    FAP review can take as long as three weeks.
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