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May 24, 2009
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    I was wondering if AMCAS or Medical Schools ask about city ordinances? Im 20 years old and have never had anything on my record. Last night I went to the bar with my older brothers i.d. I had one drink and a cop asked me to come outside to talk to him. He said that he was tipped off that I was using my older brothers i.d. and gave me a ticket that said i broke a city ordiance, specifically "Misrepresentation of Age". He told me that this would be in the catagory of speeding tickets. Will AMCAS or Medical Schools ask for this information, and if so will it hurt me dramatically. I mean, I have absoutley nothing else on my record except this.


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    Jan 12, 2009
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      If it is truly in the same class as a speeding ticket, you need not disclose. Ordinance violations are NOT misdemeanors. Otherwise AMCAS would be getting the most random and stupid stuff like "noise violations". You'll be fine!


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      Jul 15, 2007
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        That won't matter. Even if you guy convicted of public drunkenness it probably wouldn't matter. They look down on violent crimes, dui's and things that reflect on a lack of honesty, i.e. money laundering or fraud.
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        Jan 30, 2009
          Yeah, I was under the impression that using someone else's I.D. or a fake I.D. could actually get you in a pretty significant amount of trouble (if the cop and eventually judge so chose). I think the cop did you a favor.


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          Oct 20, 2007
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            Where I go to college if you get caught using a fake I.D. you get arrested and your license suspended for 6 months I believe.

            And drinking underage here is only a fine. Ha.
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