AMCAS Course and GPA Question

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Sep 12, 2006
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Hi all,

It's my first post!

I have a question about the AMCAS. I am planning to apply to med school in the cycle that starts Summer 2007. I plan on applying early in the summer. My problem is that I plan on taking some summer courses during that same time, and I want those grades to be reflected in my AMCAS gpa.

How is this typically done? Do you complete the AMCAS and list the courses under current/future courses? Can you go back and update your application after the grades come in? If you can update, does this mean that the benefits of applying early are nullfied because the application has to be re-reviewed?

Or would it be easier to just send an update later with copies of transcripts from the school where summer courses were taken?

Finally, is it all really worth it for 0.02 increase in GPA?

Sorry for the longwinded questions.


i did what you did and had to wait for my final transcripts to come in so that i could 1) enter the grades into AMCAS and 2) wait for the transcript to be sent to AMCAS. my situation is a little different than yours, but if your GPA is fine w/o the summer grades then submit early and update later.

and no, i don't think a 0.02 increase will make it worthwhile to wait.