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Jul 24, 2008
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I know I should probably just call AMCAS, since I can't figure this out from the the help section of the amcas website or previous threads here, but I'd really like to submit tonight so I'm asking you guys: If you repeat a class that you did fine in at a different university (say, because 5 years had passed and you didn't remember any of it) is that considered a "repeat"? What about taking classes you've already received AP credit for? My guess is yes to the first question, no to the second. Anybody know for sure?


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Dec 30, 2008
I don't know much about repeating a class at a different university, but for AP class (I was in a similar situation as you), just enter it following AMCAS direction for AP (as AP Credit subject name and select the AP option). Do not select the repeat option because you passed the AP exam and already earned the credit on your transcript.
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