amcas reapplicant question

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hello. will schools i didn't apply to the first time around know that i've filled out an amcas application before? thanks!

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Your AMCAS will show whether you've applied to a school before, and since the same AMCAS is sent everywhere, the information may be available to them. e.g., you applied to State School A for 2006, and again for 2007, so it will show up on the form sent to Private School B that you applied to both in 2007, but are a reapplicant to State School A.

However, there are a number of 'masks' used by the different ADCOMs to filter the applications and speed up processing time, so that info may not be seen. In addition, why do you care? The majority of schools look favorably (in my experience) on re-apps (it's dedication). Just talk to the different schools you're interested in and see how they treat re-apps.