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AmeriCorps: COMCorps (Ohio University)


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Feb 20, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
    I stumbled upon OU's partnership program, COMCorps, with AmeriCorps. I was wondering if anyone has done it or has worked with AmeriCorps specifically in a health-based program. How did you like the program and if it helped your chances in getting into Medical School. I am specifically looking at OU's Osteopathic program. I would like to know how competitive it is, what exactly does the application process consist of, and any additional tips that you think would be beneficial to me knowing either prior to applying or once admitted (hopefully).

    Thanks for the input!


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    5+ Year Member
    Jun 15, 2015
    1. Medical Student (Accepted)
      I currently do an AmeriCorps health position in the midwest in an underserved health clinic. We do a lot of weight loss and smoking cessation case management. We also work directly with primary care teams to integrate new patients with an intake and other basic EMR stuff. We also run other programs such as food pantry and rent utility assistance. Overall, the AmeriCorps position has let me interact with underserved populations and make somewhat of a difference.

      As far as how it has helped me for Med school. Got 4 IIs so far, attended 3, all 3 have mentioned AmeriCorps at length. 1 Acceptance and 1 WL with one pending and one not attended yet. I do think that AmeriCorps helped me get accepted this year and would highly recommend it.

      Just an FYI, you won't be getting paid very much, hardly enough to live off of. In addition, you might be doing some tedious busy work - but most jobs have this aspect.

      PM me with any questions.
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