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  1. M

    MBS for MU-COM

    Hello, first time poster, long time stalker.. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on Marian University's Biomedical Science Program? I can't seem to find a post about the MBS program. Can someone discuss if they are enjoying the program and the more about it? Thanks.
  2. D


    Hello! After a rough cycle, I'm so happy to have been offered two seats. I would really appreciate if you could help me choose between these schools. Tuition doesn't matter to me-- I'm trying to focus on location, curriculum, and quality of life (their importances not in any kind of order)...
  3. R

    Will I get in? Low Gpa

    Took MCAT three times..but did not put much effort into it..got below 490. Being motivated to take it again with my best effort put into it. Currently in the accelerated BSN program as back up plan to get into NP program, graduating May 2020 with hopefully a high gpa. If i get a MCAT score of...
  4. D

    Should I list DO experiences in AMCAS application and or allopathic secondaries?

    I'm trying to get a DO shadowing in a month or so and finish it before applying to medical next spring. I'm trying to decide whether I should I list this experience on my AMCAS next year.
  5. A

    Updating MCAT score

    I am in the process of applying, I haven't submitted my application yet, I want to retake the MCAT again as my third time, am I able to update my mcat score a couple months later after submitting my application?
  6. A

    Émigré Physicians Program NYIT - Help

    Dear Student, I live in Florida and I am looking to enroll in the same program at the same college. I am trying to make a monthly budget because New York is much more expensive than Florida. 1. One-bedroom apartment rent near the college or a location that is convenient to travel to campus...
  7. G

    Low GPA Low MCAT Confused.

    Super stressed right now. Not sure what to do. Counselor is not good at giving advice. Need someone to help me out and show me a path to take. I am currently a senior at MSU. Right now I am clueless of what I should do. Is it too late to apply for post bac programs? Or should I do masters? Or...
  8. G

    PNWU DO 2017-2018 cycle

    Hello, I would truly appreciate it if someone could guide me about the letters of recommendation. In AACOMAS, you don't have to add letters of recommendation to submit it? I want to apply to this school, but I'm requesting letters via Interfolio. Does anyone know if the school would still review...
  9. Dr. Aziw Oz

    West Virginia (WVSOM) Discussion Thread 2017-2018

    Hey, guys! Submitted my application on 6/17, verified 6/20. Has anyone in this timeframe received a secondary from WVSOM? I know I was just verified today, but hoping to get an idea on the timeline for secondaries to go out from WVSOM. If you have received one, what were the questions asked...
  10. C

    D.O. Personal Statement

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone would be so kind to read and give me feedback on my personal statement? I'm hoping to get advice from some medical students! Thank you!!
  11. bdavis23

    VCOM post bacc vs. LECOM post bacc vs. RVU MSBS vs UIWSOM MSBS vs Heritage MAMS

    Hey guys, I'm just struggling to decide which D.O. post bacc program is best. Ideally, I want to be in medical school next fall. I applied late in the cycle this year and just interviewed at UIWSOM in March and was waitlisted. Sgpa is 3.0 cgpa is 3.2 and MCAT 500. I have extensive research...
  12. M

    AACOMAS Reapplicant

    I last applied in the 2015-2016 cycle and kept my account active, although I didn't apply to any schools in the 2016-2017 cycle. My question is will the information still be carried over into the 2017-2018 cycle? I know things such as LOR don't carry over, but will my experiences, information...
  13. A

    AmeriCorps: COMCorps (Ohio University)

    Hi, I stumbled upon OU's partnership program, COMCorps, with AmeriCorps. I was wondering if anyone has done it or has worked with AmeriCorps specifically in a health-based program. How did you like the program and if it helped your chances in getting into Medical School. I am specifically...
  14. C

    Help creating a DO school list

    Hi all! I am starting the application process for 2018 matriculation and am confused by how to create a list of schools. Bit about me: -NY resident -mcat 508; gpa 3.44 sgpa 3.29/3.02 (do/md) (ivy, not sure if that makes a difference) -shadowed MD, gastro, primary care, OR time (trying to find a...
  15. HopefulDoc91

    How many shadowing hours?

    I'm just wondering how many shadowing hours admissions committees look for...I'm applying to all DO schools. I have 50 hours shadowing a cardiologist DO. I am about to start shadowing an ER DO, and I was trying to figure out how many hours I should shadow her for. Do you think 2 doctors is...
  16. Inveniam_Viam

    Second year repetition and overcoming some personal things

    Hi guys, I am second year student from an Osteopathic medical school. I am currently facing the possibility of repeating second year. I won't find out until grades are finalized. I am currently in position where I have accepted my failures and ready for the inevitable. I contemplated doing...
  17. M

    Shadowing a DO in Baltimore, MD or Northern Virginia

    Does anyone know of any DO in the DMV region who would want to welcome a shadow? I have a pretty solid resume and character references. I just decided that I'm primarily applying to DO schools so I want to get more shadowing under my belt. :)
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical This DO Finds Balance by Mucking Horse Stalls and Gardening

    This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top medical schools and the med school application process. And now, introducing Shannon... Accepted: We’d like to get to know...
  19. I

    CCOM Interview - Please Help!

    Hellooo, I have an interview at CCOM coming up, and I was wondering if anyone could give general advice on the process and also share questions that they were asked during the interview itself? Any advice is welcome and appreciated! Thank you!!
  20. G

    Low GPA Success Stories

    Stressing out right now. Don't want to take a gap year. Have a low gpa. Do anyone have any success stories of getting into D.O school with low gpa? Just want to know if anyone else struggled as badly as i did and was able to improve and get into D.O school. sGPA 3.1 cGPA 3.0 300+ hours of...
  21. G

    Low GPA..Stressed. My chances?

    Currently a junior. Recently decided to go into DO school....did not have much guidance during college, first two years were very tough with low gpa. Recently decided to go into osteopathic medicine. Have a lot of C's. New to this, have a lot of questions but don't know who to ask so posting on...
  22. L

    Osteopathic Medicine in Neurology?

    What are some neurological conditions that can be treated or diagnosed using OMM? Thank you!
  23. W

    Question if EC's are enough

    Hello, fellow SDN'ers. Sorry to bother everyone but I have been feeling hesitant and confused. My sGPA is a 3.55 and cGPA of about 3.45, and I received an MCAT score of 505. I am going to apply this upcoming cycle(2017-2018). However, I do not know if my EC's are enough. I will have 200+ hours...
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    Need Advice..

  25. Kasper1000

    *~*~*~* Osteopathic Acceptance Thread 2016-2017 *~*~*~*

    Here's the idea: let's try something slightly different this year. Instead of only a list of usernames and acceptances, it occurred to me that a few years ago, I would have loved to see people say what they thought were their reasons they couldn't get accepted and/or shouldn't try. What did you...
  26. SmilingTooth

    University of the Incarnate Word (UIWSOM) Discussion Thread 2016-2017

    Secondary Essay Prompts: Explain how your exposure to and experience in the medical profession has helped prepare you for osteopathic studies? Provide specific examples. (Max. 1000 words) UIWSOM is the first faith-based school of osteopathic medicine in Texas and mission driven. How will you...
  27. A

    Advertisement Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Review for the Boards (3rd ed, 2016)

    Dr. Crow just published the 3rd edition of his new OMM/COMLEX board review book. 1) Of other competitive books, this one is the only one written by NMM board certified doctors. They have been question writers for both COMLEX and COMSTAT. 2) The 2nd edition of books have been implemented in...
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  29. F

    Orthopedic Surgeon/GP Possible?

    Is specializing in Orthopedic surgery and being a GP in dentistry possible and doable if I do a 6 year DMD/DO program?
  30. T

    Michigan State University

    I have recently been accepted into the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program at MSU. It allows me to enter MSUCOM after undergrad without writing the MCAT as long as I maintain a 3.5 GPA. I had a few questions for anyone who is in the program or who knows about it. Can I write the MCAT anyway and...
  31. F

    Rotation Selection

    I'm an OMS-II getting ready to go on rotations. I have no idea what I want to go into and was curious for some ideas of what rotations to do to help me narrow this selection down... I have vague interests in surgery (I worked with a general surgeon for 6 years), ENT, neurology, cardiology.. but...
  32. O

    Accepted to LECOM - Seton Hill Class of 2020 PBL should I go?

    Hey guys I was accepted in LECOM of Seton Hill's PBL program and am struggling with the decision on whether or not to go and send in my 1500 acceptance deposit. It is my only interview and acceptance so far. My stats are 3.4 gpa at top 10 university in California, 28 mcat, tons of research...
  33. M

    Masters of Biosciences at KCUMB?

    Hi all. I have a couple questions. I am a senior who takes the MCAT in May. Right now, my science GPA does not look very good to apply to DO schools on June 1st. I have a gap year already planned but I'm wondering the best path to take. I'm wondering if it would be better to take some...
  34. W

    Gannon University and PCOM Accelerated Program

    Hello! I was accepted into Gannon University and PCOM's (3+4) year medical program. I was just wondering if there was anyone who went through the program and had any insight on what the program is like and whether or not it is worth it. Thanks, all comments are greatly appreciated!