1. M

    Advice on Americorps

    I have reviewed Americorp's website but I haven't heard from anyone - whether applicant or adcom - about the program: whether participants had a good experience, what to watch out for when applying, how medical school adcoms perceive the program. I am planning to take two gap years (one will...
  2. G

    National Health Corps - should I do it?

    I was accepted to NHC Philly and it sets to start late August, but I'm in California so I just don't know if it's worth travelling across the country. If anyone is in the program, I would appreciate some insights on housing, stipend and such.
  3. R

    Gap Year Advice

    Hi everyone, I've read a lot of posts on here but never posted one myself. I'm hoping some of you will be able to give me some insight on my current situation. I just graduated with a BS in Biology. I decided to take a gap year last summer because I had no research experience at the time. I was...
  4. KCraig

    What are some ideas for my gap year?

  5. A

    AmeriCorps: COMCorps (Ohio University)

    Hi, I stumbled upon OU's partnership program, COMCorps, with AmeriCorps. I was wondering if anyone has done it or has worked with AmeriCorps specifically in a health-based program. How did you like the program and if it helped your chances in getting into Medical School. I am specifically...
  6. ScreenName23


    I did AmeriCorps for a gap year and am wondering if it would be listed as a job or community service (in the Activities section)? Thanks so much for any input!
  7. donutzebra

    AmeriCorps NCCC - Internet Access

    I graduated from college this year and am planning to apply to medical school in the next cycle for matriculation in 2018. I was applying and interviewing for positions to take after I take the MCAT late August this year, and I recently got an invitation to serve with AmeriCorps NCCC...
  8. emac1933

    Americorps and CA Residency

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but I've been reading quite a bit and haven't seen a thread asking quite this question. Basically, I am graduating in May and have decided I want to take a gap year--I applied to med school but only got into one school. I really want to go to...
  9. K

    Does working under Americorps look impressive?

    I am applying next cycle (2016 for Fall 2017 matriculation). I would likely be submitting applications in June but working under Americorps throughout that year. I was hoping to write about it on secondaries and include it on planned activities. Do you think schools look favorably upon this...