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Discussion in 'Step I' started by MedicinePowder, Apr 8, 2004.

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    For those of you who took Step 1, can you please tell me what percentage of quesions involved looking at slides. Also, were they the type of question that could be answered without looking at the slide?

    thanks in advance
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    Took the exam 10 months ago so this is a guestimate...
    A significant portion (20-40%) had at least some sort of diagram--a chart, a graph, a drawing, a photo, something-- and maybe 10-20% of questions had an actual photo (histo/path/micro/lesion/x-ray/mri/big fat Cushnoid guy)
    With the photos, sometimes they weren't necessary for the question; i.e., you could figure out the answer w/o the photo, but the photo gave you the answer if you recognized it. But with the xray/mri type questions, sometimes the question was ridiculously difficult but the image gave it away... I love those.

    hope this helps....

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