AMWA -what chapter activities/projects can be done?

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Mar 3, 2014
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Hello all! I am interested in beginning an AMWA-American Medical Women's Association chapter this fall at my medical school because we do not have one yet (relatively new school). Although I scoured the official website I am struggling to find out what I can do in my community to further the mission statement of this organization. (Also how can I recruit members for this org if I don't have an idea what our goals will be for the community we're in?) I've looked at other school's AMWA chapters and noticed some worked with local female hs students to mentor them in the field of medicine and science and was wondering if any one else had done activities similar to this? Would love some insight :)


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Jul 22, 2012
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I also have this question! Did you end up deciding to go ahead and start a chapter at your school? I think that one point of access would be to work with your local free clinic to provide educational materials to patients relevant to the AMWA initiatives (such as nutritional information about childhood obesity or human trafficking).
In general, have people here found it beneficial to join professional organizations like AMA, AMWA, etc.?