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  1. A

    Creating a School List

    I am working on my school list and I am interested in linguistics and medicine as well as research. I wanted to make sure I am not missing any schools. Does anyone know of medical schools with a year out program for research? Does anyone know of schools that have extra curriculars, classes...
  2. Anonymous0920

    Dual Enrollment/Medical School Question

    Hey guys, I'm about to go into my junior year of high school, and will end up with enough credits to graduate early, but I could also take free online dual enrollment courses with a community college my senior year. The thing is I want to go to college as a Premed(probably a biology or chemistry...
  3. GiannaSb

    Important quick question for research project!

    Hey! I am doing a research project and would love to hear your thoughts! Any responses to the questions below (even if they are just bullet points or keywords) are SUPER helpful! Thanks! :) What does a day in the life of a medical student, medical assistant, PA, etc. look like for you? What...
  4. R

    School list help 3.87/515

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this! Any input would be awesome. Unsure how well I chose these school (feel like it could be too bottom heavy, but unsure. Also feel like I may have choose too many “low yield schools”). Any recommendations for schools that aren’t low yield and...
  5. A

    How and what research experiences do you have in medical school?

    Hey Everyone, I have been accepted to medical school and already thinking about getting into residencies 😂 . I know research is important and I was wondering how students get involved in research, how do they choose the topic of their research if they have no background info, and how do so many...
  6. D

    Marine Reserves and Med School

    I realize this has been discussed in other threads as well but everyone has their different questions. I'm hoping you guys may be able and willing to help me with mine. I'm a junior in high school at an early college (I'll graduate high school with my diploma and an associate degree). I've had...
  7. A

    Early Commitment - Scholarship Impact

    Would notifying the admissions team that you plan to enroll in that medical school impact scholarships? Specifically, if this communication took place before financial aid information was distributed, would the medical school reduce the scholarship amount (since they don't have to compete with...
  8. C

    Rosalind Franklin University - is it worth it?

    So I decided on an Undergrad. The undergrad I choose has a 7 year program but you have to decide in your FIRST SEMESTER OF YOUR FIRST YEAR. (First of all why) The medical school is a separate school from my undergrad but they are affiliated. (I am attending DePaul University for undergrad and...
  9. H

    Help! Commute between New York/Philly, Newark/Philly vs. Hershey/Philadelphia for Medical School

    Hello everyone! I am a current applicant trying to determine the feasibility of commuting between Philadelphia and New York, Newark, or Hershey PA for Medical School. I am a nontraditional student who is considering commuting based on my spouse. I recognize how challenging these long commutes...
  10. S

    Korean Foods and Medical schools

    From Cali and wanted to know what med schools are near korean food places/korean supermarkets outside of cali. Can't cook for life but need korean food to survive so looking for schools with them. TY yall!
  11. J

    Rank list advice

    Hi all, I'm the education chief resident of neurology at Washington University. I just sat down with two of my co-chiefs and recorded a podcast where we offer our tips on choosing a neurology residency. Check it out if you're interested: Home - Brain Boy Neurology Let me know if you have any...
  12. F

    Non trad applicant - MCAT resources

    Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great day! I am creating a study plan for my MCATs and wanted to know your thoughts. I am looking to take the MCATs in 6 months. I am coming from a non-traditional background (Undergrad and Masters in Econ, business) and I last studied science courses in...
  13. S

    Admissions Requirement: Full Sequence vs One Year

    Hello, my university goes by the quarter system and the organic chemistry sequence only spans two quarters. I noticed that some medical schools require an entire year/the full sequence of organic chemistry and was just wondering if that meant I would need to take a third organic chemistry course...
  14. R

    Best 20K Car for accepted MD

    Graduated undergrad this year. 21yo. Working full time at a gap year job that’s paying ~50k/yr. So far this cycle I’ve thankfully gotten 2 acceptances so I’ll be starting school next year! Want to get a decent car for myself for around 20k and I’m stuck between a used Audi A6 or a used Camaro...
  15. Perchperkins

    Do medical students and doctors have time to pursue hobbies and have a social life?

    Hi folks! Hopefully I’m posting this in the right section. I’m a premed student and I love science. However, I also have other hobbies like painting, creative writing, hanging out with friends and what not. I understand that medical school is very demanding and that many students become burnt...
  16. Perchperkins

    I got a 3.0 this semester with an overall GPA of 3.63, what are my chances?

    Hey guys, I posted a few days ago about how my grades went down. My first semester was a 3.77, my second a 3.89 and now my third was a 3.0. It was a huge drop - thanks calculus. I had a lot going on with work, COVID and online classes. The good news is that I got an A is orgo, the bad news is...
  17. D

    How does owning a house affect financial aid (Scholarships and Grants)???

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site, but a little bit about myself. I'm a recent graduate who will be applying during the 2021 Cycle (Starting med-school 2022). My major question pertains to having a house in my name when filling out the FAFSA. After some research, it is my understanding that...
  18. C


    Hello All!! I am having trouble deciding between two schools PCOM-PA and VCOM-VA. I have to decide soon to put a deposit down! For reference, I am from a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. PCOM is about 4.5 hours and VCOM is about 5.5 hours. The closer the better. I have visited both schools after the...
  19. L

    Graduating in 5 years

    Hi everyone, Do medical schools see it as something negative if I graduate in my undergrad institution in 5 years as opposed to 4 due to taking lighter classes per semester intentionally? Edit: This is my first time using SDN. So glad to join this community!
  20. P

    Advice? What are my chances ?

    Hi everyone ! I recently applied to 15 schools (10 DO schools and 5 in states MD schools, FLORIDA) for this application cycle of 2020. Some quick stats... MCAT : 499 (44th percentile) Chem/physics: 125 54% CARS : 122 23% Bio: 125 51% Psych: 127 70% Overall Bachelors of science in nursing...
  21. BaDing

    Are there any medical schools to avoid?

    Hello, I am applying and wondering if there are any MD or DO schools that should be avoided in any of your opinions? And why? I know new schools are risky - are there any exceptions this year? Sorry, I keep searching for this and can’t find any threads on it. I understand this will be largely...
  22. F

    Your hour by hour schedule for med school

    Hi guys, Im two months into medical school and struggling hard to figure out how to study. In undergrad I had a routine/plan for each exam which included writing everything out and reading textbooks, etc. but I obviously cannot do that in med school because of the immense amount of info and...
  23. SketchyMedical

    Assessment Item Writer - (Remote) - SketchyMedical

    SketchyMedical ( is looking for dynamic, creative science educators to help us expand our pool of technology-enhanced, interactive assessment items. As an Assessment Item Writer, you’ll work as part of our Medical Content Team, producing high-quality question items to...
  24. P

    Australian Pharmacist applying to American medical school

    Hi I was just hoping I could possibly get some advice about applying to medical school. I'm actually a practicing pharmacist in Australia. I'm actually a dual Australian-American citizen. I've been looking into American medical schools on forums and such but most information is about applying as...
  25. M

    What to do about pets during virtual interviews?

    I have a cat, who I love more than anything, but I'm worried that she might mess up my virtual interview. I have been taking virtual classes and she has, for the most part, left me alone besides meowing randomly or asking to be pet. She mostly sleeps. However, if I leave her in the living room...
  26. Kiwi12233

    RN to Medical school with low cGPA - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, I just finished my bachelor of science in nursing. My plan was always to go to medical school after, but I wasn’t able to fit prereqs within my bachelors so I’m going to working full time as an RN and taking pre med courses part time. I am just worried about my cGPA in nursing. I am...
  27. Ryze

    Physeo-like Medical School Curriculum

    Hello Med Students! I am a new grad PA who was having a huge internal battle of whether or not if I should go back to medical school. I have ultimately decided to try working as a PA for a few years first. However, I do acknowledge I have holes in my knowledge for the foundational sciences. And...
  28. P

    In your opinion, which med schools are the super-heavyweights?

    the creme de la creme cream of the crop not just top 20, but that specific list of schools that has that "wow" factor everywhere. The schools where the absolute best applicants apply and matriculate to without giving their other acceptances much thought (besides like money and some other...
  29. R


  30. M

    Can you use 9/11 GI Bill to pay for Medical School?

    I have been looking into alternatives aside from the HPSP program to help pay for medical school, and I was wondering if GI Bill is one. I am currently an upcoming college senior, about to join the Army Reserve unit soon, I plan on applying the next cycle. So I was wondering if I can get myself...
  31. L


  32. P

    MD My premature school list. any thoughts?

    ORM from New York cGPA=3.70 from Stony Brook University (in my gap year currently) sGPA=3.68 from Stony Brook University 1st MCAT=503 (126,124,127,126) 2nd MCAT=522 (132,128,131,131) Clinical hours=400ish (just got a medical assistant job but couldn't add the planned 2500 hours on my AMCAS)...
  33. F


  34. J

    MD & DO Research Survey: Medical school students & Anxiety

    Help me collect data for my research and take the survey below! Medical School Students & Anxiety Background: I am conducting a cross-sectional study of anxiety in first and second year medical school students for my Capstone project. I am using forums like these to help collect data. If you...
  35. PharmDwithAdream

    Pharmacist Telling Employer I Am Leaving Job/Career for Medical School

    I will be starting medical school at the end of August, but I have not told my employer or colleagues I am leaving the job soon for medical school. How many weeks notice should I give? Two, three, or four weeks? How should I exactly do it? In-person or both in-person and email? Also will...
  36. S

    Selling MCAT Books (2017 Berkeley Review set, Examkrackers (10th ed), Kaplan (2nd edition), etc.

    Hey guys, I wanted to sell my MCAT books now that I have been accepted into medical school! Let me know if you are interested! Examkrackers 10th edition: 120$ OBO Kaplan 2nd edition: 50$ OBO Berkeley Review 2017 for new MCAT: 350$ OBO Just Message me for the other books. If you buy any of the...
  37. Q

    Miami vs Jefferson vs Tufts

    Wanted thoughts on these schools and their relative prestige differences, seems that both produce great grads and all have ample opportunities for research. What does everyone think about these schools, especially relative to one another? Especially for a future career in surgery?
  38. 8YearsLate

    Read this if you're scared

    Hi Friends, I'm writing this because A) I finally just the last of my apps and B) I know there's gotta be someone who needs to hear it today. I am not a genius. I skipped most of high-school because I was made fun of constantly. Which I didn't understand. I wasn't super-nerdy or super-anything...
  39. T

    Work-study during med school?

    I'll be starting med school in August and I was entertaining the idea of having a work-study position for MAX 8-10 hrs/week (either in a lab or office position on campus). I'd likely work a bulk of my hours on Friday afternoons (no classes after Friday afternoon with a few exceptions here and...
  40. bsneuroscience

    Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I am currently a junior in undergrad on the premed track and I would appreciate some guidance on my path before I continue forward. I posted this in the r/premed forum but I wanted to get more insight. This pandemic has given me a lot of time to think, reflect, and soul search. One of...