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Jun 29, 2016
I'm trying to find an anatomy app for my iPad (or a software for PC) where I can follow along and identify structures for specific regions of the body. I'll use this as I read through a pre-lab which already has the pre-labeled structures. Any good suggestions?


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Sep 13, 2014
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For me visualizing the structures while studying and then identifying them in the exam was the hardest part. What I found really helpful is an app called 4D Anatomy Online, which basically an online directorate for real human parts. It is a web based application and works n tablet also.

You are able to observe all the structures in the human body, rotate these and remove layers, so you can examine everything from skin until the bones.

If I had to compare it to something it is like google earth if you were able to also see inside the inner layers of the globe. Pretty cool if you ask me :)

It is really like a virtual dissecion room, where you can practice as mush as you like.

You are able to highlight structures, which for me are crazy useful (even in the exams…) And also rotate the body part in 360, to see it from all the angles.

For me it is a life saver when I study anatomy and it also really helps with preparing for the exam, as it has a quiz section.

I really hope I helped, and good luck with your studies!
You really don't think a bunch of med students will catch on to blatant advertising? If I was ever going to try this program, I certainly won't now and will actively recommend against it. Bumping a ton of anatomy threads in a forum meant for conversation to advertise a product is tasteless at best, and bad for the product's reputation.