Anatomy (& Physiology) at Community College

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Jun 14, 2019
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Taking anatomy and physiology before applying is recommended. I saw that UHCO wants it to be at a "junior/senior" level. What does this mean? Can I take it at my community college-two classes but both subjects are combined as antaomy & physiology 206, 207 for example. If I pass I would recieve full credits for both subjects at my university. If I take these classes at university, it is two separate classes anatomy 205 and physiology 206, plus, these are the hardest classes at my university with the highest DFWs.

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Should contact their admissions about it for the best answer. To me, "junior/senior" level means level 300 but that was for my University.
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I had not completed either during my application cycle. I took introduction to anatomy 1 and 2 and then intro to physiology online at colorado state over the summer before matriculation
If you haven't already done this, I would contact the admissions department about what they want. At the institution I went to, they wouldn't accept any credits that weren't from four-year universities.
The rigors of a professional doctoral school are overwhelming, and they want to make sure you have a strong foundation in what you're about to learn. Based off of experiences I've heard from my former classmates, if you've taken a "breeze course" just to get the credits, you may actually be hurting yourself in the long run when you're actually admitted in the future.
I hope that was helpful!