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Feb 17, 2015
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Is it ok to take the OAT without having anatomy and physiology?

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I am having the same problem, so I went to all of the school's websites and read the prerequisites and wrote down which schools stated that anatomy and physiology were just "highly recommended" or not even mentioned at all. When I had googled if anatomy and physiology were needed to get into the schools most said required on some PDF I found, but when I looked individually on their websites some didn't need it. These were...
Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, both schools in Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Also someone suggested to me to just email the school if you have one in mind and just ask about it. The worst they can say is that you'll have to take it before you start school if you accept that college. Hope this helps :)
The OAT books cover a bit of A&P, but do you need to take a full course on them? I'd say no since some schools don't even list it as a requirement