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Jun 16, 2015
Hi Guys,

I've decided to apply to numerous AA programs. Just looking for some thoughts from more experienced people on my shot of being accepted.

BS- Biology, cell and molecular concentration. Competitive SUNY School. (Geneseo) 2.95 undergrad GPA. Strong upward trend the last 2 years of my undergrad. There were reasons, but I don't make excuses.

3.6 Post-bacc gpa retaking Organic 1&2, Physics 1&2 with labs Getting all As and one B+. Also took Biochem and Physiology for fun. So 22 credits as a post bacc.

1 year undergraduate inorganic chemistry research, no publications, one poster.

500 MCAT 125PS, 125CARS, 126BS, 124 Psych and Social

1100 Hours as EMT-B in college

4000 hours as a patient care tech in the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular ICU. We function as a surgical ICU and PACU. Patients routinely ventilated, on IV sedation, all types of vasoactive drugs and narcotics. I do 12 leads, Foleys, blood draws, IVs, removing A-lines and chest tubes. Seen plenty of crazy things. Were staffed by all anesthesiologists. I've helped with central and A lines (usually holding ultra sound probe or something like that). I see all cardiothoracic anesthesia every day plus all of the nursing assistant responsibilities.

20 hours shadowing an actual AA in the OR during cases.

I know the patient experience isn't required, but I do feel its helpful. Just concerned about my numbers and would love some feedback and advice. Great LORs and willing to go to school anywhere.