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Jan 12, 2013
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Used M5 for ITE and written boards. Did very well. Highly recommend. Their explanations are top notch. I still use a lot of the clinical information I learned as well.

Not sure about others.
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I've used M5 and Hall for previous ITEs. The combination gave me a solid foundation and I do recommend them.

This year I plan to use those and work in ACE exams (available through the ABA) as well as I'll be taking the written exam in July. My experience with the ACE exams has been positive, so far, but I would be interested in other's opinions.
M5 review is excellent and affordable, I highly recommend it! It is constantly being updated and more than the questions it's the answers that are most useful, especially with weird questions they love to ask these days...(i.e. stuff they know isn't covered in big blue)