Nov 4, 2010
Hi guys!

I just took the GRE today, and have sort of mixed feelings about my score. I wanted to get an opinion about my stats for MPH programs--as well as which programs would be best suited.

Undergrad at a top university: gpa 3.3
GRE Scores: 530 V/ 660 Q

Volunteer Experience:
-board member on a student led non profit (focuses on rural healthcare internationally--help with setting up medical camps, youth education programs as well as lifestyle surveys)
- taught fitness and nutrition classes to elementary school children
- hospital volunteering

Research Experience
-not so public health related Ecology lab for a year--research assistant
- currently researching at the veterans hospital--work on an independent project--molecular biology--rna isolations, micrarrays etc. potential to be published

I should have three strong letters of recommendations. And I (think) I have a pretty solid personal statement.

I'd like to apply to UCB, UCLA, Columbia, Boston University, NYU, Darthmouth, and I haven't completely solidified everywhere I'm applying to yet.

Thoughts about where I should apply/chances? Thanks!