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Mar 16, 2022
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Considering applying, chances?
Undergraduate School/School type: Small private school in midwest (not a big name)
Undergrad GPA/Major GPA: 3.83
Major/minor: Biology
Grad GPA (if applicable): 3.05
Grad studies (if applicable): Doctorate in Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)
GRE(including date taken): not taken

- Currently practicing as a general and family dentist in public health for a public health system, and learning to manage medicaid/medicare
-Graduate School:
- Provided dental care to medicaid/underrepresented patient population for two years in dental school
- Completed two externships in public health centers, where dentistry was provided to those in need
- 5-6 executive positions in dental school associations
- Volunteer experience coaching youth sports and at volunteer events (free dental care, working with disabled athletes, food drives)
- Undergrad:
- Collegiate Athlete with history of leadership positions
- At least 100 hours of volunteering spread between various events
- Member of several honor societies
- Member of research team that studied the use of plankton as a fuel source
- + shadowing hours and more

Letters of Rec:
-Current supervisor of public health dentistry for healthcare system I am employed by
-2-3 LOR from professors from dental school (all doctorate level)

Interested in implementing public health systems to increase oral health education, finding why certain groups of people are so isolated from dental care, and where stigma on going to the dentist arises from.

Main interests so far are in Yale EMPH and Dartmouth Hybrid: important to me that I am able to continue practicing and treating patients while completing the program.

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