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Mar 12, 2004
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Hello all, I'm Courtney, and I've been lurking, and finally joined. Thought i'd introduce myself before i start posting in threads.

i'm currently prepharm, i'll be applying for admission in fall 2005 next year.

a shortened post highschool life story:
right from HS i went to a state college majoring in business. had the time of my life but i hated my classes, teachers, major, ect. i dropped out after 2.5 years. after that i went to community college and graduated from there with an A.S. in radiology. since then ive been working in CT and xray in a hospital, and i love it, but i've always wanted to finish my degree.

i intended to go back to school and get my BS in Nuclear Medicine, but while taking the prerequisite Chemistry course last fall and loving it, decided i wanted more than to be a Nuc Med Tech. i looked in to Pharmacy and thought it sounded interesting, since i love chemistry and the health care field. so here i am.

i'm working my butt off to keep a 4.0 to boost my overall GPA (i graduated with a 3.8 at the CC but my GPA at business school wasnt that great). id really like to get in for 2005, but i'm not sure how much hope there'd be, and i'm assuming i'll have to finish my B.S. before i'll be accepted.

i want to stay on the east coast but i want to go to a bigger city than the one i'm in now. right now i have a list of about 15 possible schools.

i guess that's enough about me for now. i really enjoy this forum and i'll be reading it frequently, even if i don't post a lot, since i'm not much help to anyone else yet.


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Question: If you enjoy chemistry, why not get a PhD instead of a pharmD? Actually I feel that is a very common misnomer. I was a chemistry major myself. I thought pharmacy school would involve a lot of chemistry, but it doesn't. It is more life science, biochemistry and biology base classes. There is some medicinial chemistry, however, there it is very little compared to the life science oriented classes like pharmacology.
Hi and Welcome to SDN!

It sounds like you might enjoy nuclear pharmacy with your background. I don't start rotations until the 2nd semester of my 3rd year, but I'm hoping to get a nuclear rotation.
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Welcome Courtney! You have a very interesting and diverse background! My sister does the same thing as you, and I love all the funny stories she's told me about the people she works with and the stories of some of the funnier people she's had to x-ray!
What pharm school do you want to apply to?
welcome courtney.. gonna try for the east coast huh? take a look at maryland! baltimore is a an intresiting city.
badxmojo please check your PMs, I sent you a question about the university of maryland.
thanks for all the welcomes!

gdk420-it's not just chemistry i love, it's science. and math. and i'm going to pharmacy school because i really want to be a pharmacist. i researched what they do and i want to do that. since i can handle the sciences i'm sure i'll make it through school just fine. a phD is great but why get that when i want to work in a hospital.

MALA-some schools i'm sure i'll apply to are Pitt, Temple, Long Island, and U Wash ( i know, it's far, but i really want to go to seattle but i also know that it would be hard to convince my husband). maybe MD! i have almost a year to decide, but after UW, Pitt would be my second choice. and since i'm in PA, i'll probably have a shot at it for 2005.
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Originally posted by rxforlife2004
Welcome to the forum...make sure you buy each of us some candies:laugh: , okie? How about some ice-cream? Yummy! It starts to heat up now in California...Make sure you put since "non-melting" ice in the box and send to my address:

Yes, rx is right!
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around here we have lots of PA dutchie food. i'll send you some pierogies and halupkies! that's yummy.

and it snowed yesterday, in march. feel sorry for me, CA people. well, don't feel that sorry for me, my class was cancelled! :clap: