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Jul 13, 2002
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hi guys,

I was just wondering when your secondary application
asks the optional ever so vague question:

"What additional information would you like to provide about yourself? Please include it in the box below (xxx characters)

what do you mention? Do you mention why you want to attend that particular school? Do you add all the information you weren't able to add in your AMCAS personal statement? Do you fill up the entire box?

thanks for your responses.

Cydney Foote

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Jun 6, 2002
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This question gives you so much latitude that it's sometimes hard to get started. Despite being optional, I'd definitely encourage you to answer it, using the essay to flesh out the picture of yourself you started in your personal statement. If you mentioned a research experience, you can go into more depth here. If you had some interesting shadowing experiences, write about those. If the school has a particular (genuine) attraction to you, then explain what it is.

Here are some other ideas to spark your creativity:

* Complete the sentence: "I just wouldn't be me if it weren't for..." Then write about a person, place, or experience that has been crucial in making you who you are.

* Think about an idea that really excites or puzzles you -- something you turn over in your mind again and again. You could then write about a situation where this idea came up and you realized how important it was.

* Make a list of the personal experiences that have had the most meaning for you: travel, people, national or world events, obstacles or difficulties you overcame, books or classes that shaped your ideas. Then write about why you consider these things important (when you realized their importance, what have you learned from them, etc.).

I hope this helps you get started. Good luck!
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