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Hello everyone.
I have been a silent observer of this forum for nearly two months now and I think it is a great resource. My DATS are on August 14th and I have studying for about a month and half now. I was wondering if anyone could post solutions to these questions. I worked through some of them and wanted to compare answers =) Thanks for any feedback!!

42. Which of the following solutions will be the
best conductor of electricity?
A. Glucose in water
B. Glucose in ethanol
C. Table salt in water
D. Table salt in ethanol

43. For the reaction between A and B to form C it
is found that when one combines 0.6 moles of
A with 0.6 moles of B, all of the B reacts, 0.2
moles of A remain UNREACTED and 0.4
moles of C are produced. What is the
balanced equation for this reaction?
A. A + 2B C
B. A + 3B 2C
C. 3A + 3B 2C
D. 3A + 2B 3C
E. 2A + 3B 2C

44. If the mass percent of oxygen in a nitrogenoxygen
compound is known, given the mass
percent of oxygen, all of the following are
needed to determine the molecular formula of
a nitrogen-oxygen compound EXCEPT one.
Which one is this EXCEPTION?
A. Atomic mass of nitrogen
B. Atomic mass of oxygen
C. Avogadro's number
D. Empirical formula
E. Molar mass of the compound

45. A 10.0 liter sample of oxygen at 100°C and 1
atm is cooled to 27° C and expanded until the
pressure is 0.5 atm. Find the final volume of
the oxygen.
A. (10.0)(1/5)(27/100)
B. (10.0)(1/5)(373/300)
C. (10.0)(.5/1)(373/300)
D. (10.0)(1/.5)(300/373)
E. (10.0)(.5/1)(300/373)

46. When the volume of a gas is decreased at
constant temperature, the pressure increases
because the molecules
A. move faster.
B. experience a lower density.
C. become heavier.
D. become greater in number.
E. strike the container more often.

47. Which of the following types of bonding is
found in a diamond?
A. Covalent
B. Hydrogen
C. Van der Waal’s
D. Metallic
E. Ionic

48. The least electronegative element can be
found in the
A. upper left corner of the periodic table.
B. upper right corner of the periodic table.
C. lower left corner of the periodic table.
D. lower right corner of the periodic table.

49. The molar volume of copper (63.5 gmol–1)
at 25oC is 7.09 cm3  mol–1. Which of the
following is the density of copper at 25oC in
g  cm3?
A. (63.5)/(7.09)
B. (63.5)(7.09)
C. (7.09)/(63.5)
D. 7.09

10. The introduction of a new manufacturing
process will effect a savings of $1,450.00 per
week over the initial 8-week production
period. New equipment, however, will cost ¼
of the total savings. How much did
equipment cost?
A. $11,600.00
B. $2,900.00
C. $725.00
D. $362.50
E. $181.25
11. An investment is made at r percent
compounded annually, at the end of n years it
will have grown to A = P(1 + r)n. An
investment made at 16% compounded
annually. It grows to $1,740 at the end of the
year. How much was originally invested?
A. $150
B. $278.40
C. $1,461.60
D. $1,500
E. $1,700

16. Which line is perpendicular to the x-axis?
A. x = 3
B. y = 3
C. x = y
D. x = y/3
E. y = x/3
17. The dental hygienist at a certain office is paid
H dollars a week. The dental assistant works
36 hours a week at A dollars per hour, and
the receptionist works 40 hours a week and
receives R dollars every other week. Which of
the following represents the weekly payroll for
these three employees?

28. Optometry school applicants decreased by
25% during a 4-year period. During the same
time, the number of first-year openings in
optometry school increased by 12%. If the
ratio of applicants to first-year student
openings had been 3 to 1, then which of the
following would be the approximate ratio at
the end of the 4-year period?
A. 1.5 to 1
B. 2 to 1
C. 3 to 2
D. 4 to 3
E. 6 to 5
E. ((63.5)/(7.09))(25)


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Jul 6, 2006
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42) C
43) E
44) C
45) D
46) E
47) A
48) C
49) A
10) B
11) D
16) A
17) ????
28) B

Where did you get these from>?
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