antiparasitic drugs

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Aug 30, 2006
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I noticed in FA's micro section that the drugs used to treat protozoa and helminths are listed in the tables, but I don't think I see them anywhere else in the book. Do we not need to know mechanism of action, side effects, etc. for these drugs, but rather just the parasites they are used for? Thanks.

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Just know metronidazole, the drugs for malaria (esp chloroquine/primaquine), and mebendazole (maybe ivermectin). Mostly just know uses, other stuff is pretty low yield.
FA just has the common drugs, you need to know more. Knowing MOAs are more high yield side effects, etc. I got a decent amount of parasite, helmith questions. I would have miss all of them if I hadn't used the Kaplan lecture notes for micro. You can probably find one on ebay from cheap. The thing is you can't predict what questions you will get.