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    I have recently been accepted to CCOM, but at the same time I have been offered interviews at PCOM, Des Moines, and Nova. Chicago wants a deposit. What do I do? Do I take these other interviews or just sit on the Chicago acceptance. Which of these schools offers the most opportunity for someone interested in Ortho surgery. Any advise?
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    Any medical school will offer you opportunities in ortho surgery!!!

    It all depends on you to shine when you begin your medical school career.

    Is CCOM you 1st choice? Where will you be most happy among the medical schools you've applied? The prob with sending a deposit is that if you wait too long to withdraw, you will lose a sizable amount of your deposit.

    Check out how long CCOM gives you to withdraw their offer & still get 100% of your deposit back. That way, you can send the deposit to hold you seat & check out the other schools. If another school interests you more, w/d your offer from CCOM (100% back) & send it the school that interest you the most.

    Congrats on getting a lot of great opportunities. If you really want to go into ortho surgery, all the schools you have applied to will give you wonderful opportunities-IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU TO SHINE!!!! Good luck to you [​IMG]

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