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  1. B

    WAMC — Low GPA but evident passion for medicine?

    Hi. I am a 2nd year at a Top 5 public university. I have not done amazing in STEM classes so far (C- in Calc 2, B in Gen Chem 1 and Gen Chem 2, B+ in Genetics, on track to get a C in Organic Chem 1) and my current GPA is a 3.33 overall. I have over 6000 clinical hours as a volunteer EMT. I am...
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    Date of submission: June 16th Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.71( still can improve 2 general bio on fall semester) and some recommended courses DAT score (include AA and all sections): 20AA, 21TS, 19Bio, 23GC, 22OC, 22QR, 16RC( not native learning English from 2.5 years ago), 27PAT State of...
  4. D

    WAMC interview/accepted into MD program

    First post on here: I graduated last May 2019 with a B.S in Chemistry. GPA: 3.7 1st MCAT(2018): 499 2nd MCAT(2020): 518 Extracurricular Activities: -Shadowing(approx. 100 hours) -Medical clinic Volunteering(approx 150 hours) -3 semesters of independent organic chemistry research; currently...
  5. Potinator

    Experience for med school

    Hello. I’m a junior biology major and am planning to apply to osteopathic schools in the future. My cumulative gpa is about 3.5 but my science gpa is about 3.23. I know this isn’t very competitive but I wanted to know what my best options would be to improve my application. I am currently...
  6. Potinator

    Osteopathic vs allopathic

    Hello. I am a junior Bio Major planning to apply to medical school next year and taking most courses recommended for the MCAT such as bio, chem, sociology, biochem, Phys, psych...etc. I currently have a cumulative gpa of 3.57 and a science gpa of about 3.23 which I know is not very competitive...
  7. P

    Chances to getting into good pharmacy schools? Success stories?

    Hi all. I really want to go to a good California pharmacy school like USC, UCSF, or UCSD. I am a well-rounded student but my GPA isn't super stellar. I have a 2.8 cumulative and 2.6 for math and science. In terms of my extracurriculars, I'm part of the Pre-pharm club at my school and served as...
  8. M

    Do Medical School’s look at every single grade and see the very upward trend?

    I’m really sorry, there might be a question like this but I couldn’t find one that specifically answered what I was wondering. I have a super spotty record which I’ve mentioned before. I have F’s, D’s, and C’s on my record from when I was in Community College. Was going through a lot, I should...
  9. 9

    When to Apply?

    Hello, all! I am finalizing my applications, and I anticipate getting everything submitted by July 1st. Is this date too late? I know everyone stresses June. I am just being meticulous with my essays and have been meeting with various academic advisors to edit them. From what I've been told...
  10. W

    Chances? please advise!!

    Applied this cycle with the following stats: cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.38 DAT: AA = 23 TS = 22 RC = 27 PAT = 19 Residence: CALIFORNIA Shadowing: 115 hours Volunteering: 200+ at nonprofit Leadership experience: president of nonprofit for 1 year Research: 2 years at prestigious research university...
  11. S

    Chance me! :]

    I am applying this 2019-2020 cycle. I am a Washington Resident. I have 3.51 sGPA and cGPA. First 2 years were 2.70, last 3 years were 3.97 combined (upward trend). My DAT scores are: 24AA, 23TS, 23PAT. RC 19, BIO25, CHEM24, OCHEM22, QR30 - 200+ Shadowing hours at GD offices, Ortho, Endo, OMFS...
  12. R

    Reapplicant needing help with school list/WAMC

    Please do not quote this thread. Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I'm a current reapplicant and I hope to make it in this cycle! Any constructive advice would be very helpful! Date of submission: TMDSAS June 13 AADSAS Hopefully before July Calculated GPA on TMDSAS Overall GPA: 3.51...
  13. J

    Need your help, Chances to DO? (Non-Trad Applicant)

    Hello all, I am wondering if you guys can help me figure out what I should do at this point. I'm a non-trad application, and these are my stats: Education: 2012-2016 B.A., Biology major and Medical Anthropology minor (Private) cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.36 MCAT: 505 2018-2020 MPH, Health Policy and...
  14. RaHorakthy

    Should I take it again? OAT 310

    Well, I didn’t review anything since I just want to get a feeling of the test, go through the procedure and see how the test works. I was planning to take it again anyway. But, I got an average score, much higher than I expected. Should I spend a month or so reviewing it? Or focus on my other...
  15. 7

    Help with School List and Chance of getting in! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 514

    Sorry for the format. First time poster on SDN I could use some assistance figuring out which schools I should apply to in June. I'm unsure of which resources to find this out and have just been looking at the MSAR for guidance. I have some money saved up, so I am looking at applying to around...
  16. C

    Other what are my chances of matching

    Hello, I am an IMG with step1-205/(1st attempt); step 2 CS-PASS (1st attempt); step 2ck- 215 (2nd attempt), 6yrs from graduation Strong research and administrative experience 2.5 publications, 1award, 1 USCE, 5+ Observerships Excellent LORs. excellent extracurriculars. No sponsorship...
  17. aspiring-dentist101

    Importance of GPA/Acceptance chances?)

    I've been wanting to post about this for a very long time. I have been busy with family, interviews, work, etc. So I haven’t been able to post on sdn. I have decided to post it now for the sake of future applicants. This is intended for future applicants and most importantly for those that did...
  18. M

    MD Help with school list! 523 MCAT cGPA 3.78; sGPA 3.72

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to put my school list together. I feel like my MCAT and GPA don't exactly match so I'm trying to figure out if it is realistic for me to get into these top tier schools and I want to make sure my list isn't too top heavy. I'm also worried because there are some schools...
  19. avocadoc

    Non-trad reapplicant, should I wait another year?

    I applied this 2018-2019 cycle to 10 schools (as an international due to my PR status pending at the time) and received only 1 interview (still waiting to hear back). All the other schools are pre-II rejections so far. Residency: CA (just received my permanent resident card last week)...
  20. M

    Odds of getting in

  21. F

    should i retake the MCAT?

    have a 3.9X, multiple pubs, heavy leadership Got 510 with low CARS was aiming for 515+... what should i do? Retake or apply? as well, had a low CARS (sub-125). Really not sure what to do
  22. L

    Marine Corps to Medical School Advice

    Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting in SDN forums after many years of browsing. Specifically I am posting in regards to receiving general advice on my current situation and the best route for me to apply to Medical School. Background I received my Undergrad degree in Biology in 2016...
  23. Diverdude93

    Re-applicant chances / What to do

    Hello all! I am planning on applying during the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle. I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews which turned into waitlists and then rejections. Here is my initial application stats: Undergrad - Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor cGPA - 3.52 sGPA -...
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  25. C

    WAMC/School List

    Hey guys, just wanted some help identifying what schools I would have a good chance at in this upcoming cycle, and also help identifying any glaring weaknesses in my application. Ethnicity: Armenian Undergrad school: UCLA (two gap years before matriculating) State of Residence: California GPA...
  26. U

    Chances with med school and what I can do for a better chance

    Hi, I want to know my chances of getting into medical school. Give me an honest answer I am currently a junior in college and my gpa as of right now is a 3.06. If I get A's from there on , the highest I could get is a 3.2 gpa For extracurricular activities / organization - I am an Air Force...
  27. TheNewGuy29

    Here is my story. Do you think I will get into medical school?

    I will start here by saying that this is going to be quite long. This is my first post, and I made this account mainly just for this. I am putting my story and my journey through undergrad out there, and I hope you all will read this and bear with me. Please, help me out and qualm my fears of...
  28. G

    decent DAT, low GPA, late applicant..chances for USC???

    so I got a 21 AA and a 20TS my sGPA is 3.4 and oGPA is 3.2 what are my chances at this point? I have a letter of rec from a professor at USC dental, I shadowed him for 250 hours....I have a total of 350 shadowing hours and like 500+ volunteer hours ... should I even waste my money on dental...
  29. D

    What are my chances

    I'm currently in my first semester as a senior in college. I just started my pre med classes in Spring of my Junior year and I'm already making below average grades. Im a Psychology major with a Philosophy minor so my GPA currently stands at a 3.56 but I'm afriand that low B's and C's (possibly...
  30. F

    Do I still have a chance?

    Hello, I am a senior in college with a bit of an unusual story that got me where I am today. I started college at one of the top liberal arts schools as a poli sci major intending to go into politics. After my freshman year, one of my parents was diagnosed with a terminal illness and that's...
  31. L

    MD Do I have a good chance at T20 schools?

    cGPA: 3.88 sGPA:3.84 MCAT: 524 (130/131/131/132) State of residence: VA Ethnicity: ORM Undergraduate institution: top 30 Clinical experience: about 600 hrs as EMT Research experience: over 1000 hrs over 2 years, 1 funding award, no pubs Shadowing experience: around 70 hrs (neurology...
  32. 9

    DAT and GPA correlations

    Hello all, I know that there are some older threads on this, but I was just curious about the DAT ranges by GPA? I have a 21 AA/22 PAT and roughly a 3.9 GPA. Is a 21 too low for my GPA? I have a friend who scored higher on the DAT, but they have a slightly lower GPA. Thanks!
  33. D

    3.89 521

    3.89 science and 3.89 cumulative 521 131/129/131/130 2 research experiences: 600 and 1200 hours Second author pub Volunteering in hospital 150 hours Shadowing in ER 70 hours Undergrad teaching assistant position 700 hours Summer camp volunteer 100 hours I applied this cycle and I have...
  34. I

    Just took my DAT today. How do my stats look?

    My gpa currently is overall 3.63, sGPA: 3.64. (PS: I am also only an upcoming junior in undergrad currently and hopefully will be able to pull my GPA to about a 3.7 before I apply next year) DAT scores from today: - PAT: 20 - QR: 16 - RC: 26 - Bio: 24 -...
  35. collectedgp

    Do I have a chance?

  36. T

    Is being complete mid/late August too late?

    I'm thinking of adding a few schools to my list (Vanderbilt, Duke, Baylor, USC Keck, WUSTL, etc.). Is being complete mid-late August still okay for someone who is LM 81, or is it too late to bother?
  37. D

    So late in application process.... Should I just wait another year?

    Hello all! I've been so stressed with two classes and two jobs that I couldn't work on my med school apps much at the beginning of the summer. Am I too late if I submit to AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS in August now? I have no particular goals to get into top medical schools, so I just want a good...
  38. U

    Chance of matching IM?

  39. 8

    Chance me!

  40. OldRedditGuy

    Do you mind giving this ole reddit addicted man his final medical school chances evaluation?

    I'm sure a few of you all have seen a post of mine I've made within the past couple days. I've been using this forum to look at school options, funding options, and many other things, and I believe I've made up my school list in its entirety. I am going to apply to over 30 schools! Yeah, yeah, I...
  41. OldRedditGuy

    What at chances st my desired programs?

    Edit: This was supposed to be the title to my question: What are chances at my desired programs? I guess there was an issue with autocorrect haha. It won't let me change it. What's up, SDN?! So, I'm new here. Brand new. I was directed here through the premed subreddit forums of Reddit (hence...